Ready your wallets: Two new vintage stores open on U Street

Why is it that all the new clothing stores arrive when I have voluntary taken on a life of poverty? Sigh. So goes the life of a SPY. Anyways, for all of you that have a bit of money to spend (this includes men AND women), two stores have joined the U Street vintage fray: Ginger Root Design and Dr. K’s vintage.

Ginger Root Design
1530 U Street NW

I will not talk too much about the story behind Ginger Root Design. ReadySetDC, Quarter life and the Washingtonian have written extensive articles on the shop, and Kristen Swenson, one of the owners, currently appears on the cover of Worn Magazine.  I know. It’s quite a hip little place. Observe:

Photo credits (clockwise from left): Worn Magazine, Washintonian, ReadysetDC, Washingtonian, my terrible camera

Beautiful. I have to add that the owners, Erin Derge and Kristen Swenson, are lovely, lovely people. Ginger Root Design is about taking old vintage clothing pieces and modernizing them for the hip DC set today. Kristen and Erin are usually found sewing in the shop. The collection is very edited, has an excellent taste level and is…wait for it… AFFORDABLE. My awesome oxfords (pictured) were under $30 and in a somewhat large, unnamed size that is usually hard to find. I had to restrain myself. And with inventory that changes regularly, you will too.

Dr. K’s vintage
1534 U Street NW

Dr. K’s opened this past week one door down from Ginger Root Design. It is an adorable and eclectic little place, filled to the brim with men’s and women’s shoes, clothes and accessories. Right now there may even be a bit more men’s clothes than women’s clothes, although Dr. K assured me more merchandise was coming in for the weekend.  Some pics:

These pictures do not have credits because they were taken from my terrible camera

Very cute, non? Their items are stylish and moderately priced (women’s sweater at $30-50), and I especially liked the extensive shoe collection. Dr. K himself reminded me of a salesperson at a Bazaar, opening random umbrellas and encouraging me to try things on. Although I do prefer to shop in the shadows (I am a blogger after all), I gave his enthusiasm a pass. The store is BRAND new. We all can relate.

All in all, I love that U Street Corridor is becoming a vintage design destination. Between Treasury, Junction, Nana, Ginger Root Design, Mr. K’s, Legendary Beast and all the vintage furniture stores, you really can spend a day shopping around.  Sure, the new stores increase competition, but this downside is outweighed by the fact DC really needs hip one-stop-shopping areas like this. Let’s get people to spend a day in Midcity, not just visit a store or two.

6 thoughts on “Ready your wallets: Two new vintage stores open on U Street

  1. yes ladies shoes but not that many. He assured me they would be getting more women’s merchandise this weekend though! I would definitely check back then. It’s such a new little store.

  2. oooo fun! maybe a little pre and / or post finals shopping trip? I think the need for retail therapy will be pretty strong!

  3. Quick update regarding credit cards acceptance in our store: We can now accept all major credit cards (i.e., Visa, MC, AmEx, Diners, Discovery, and any banks issued cc). The only exception is that if we run a Debit card it will be charged as a Credit transaction. And all sales are FINAL, no refund…sorry!!!

    Thank you.
    Dr. K

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