Shootin’ & Drinkin’: a Refined DC Afternoon

So today “Living Social” is promoting a “Shootin’ & Drinkin’ Event” — right here in the District. I know what you are thinking; “oh good, alcohol and firearms are an excellent combination”.

Typical enthusiast

Fair enough, but it’s actually not as absurd as you may initially think. Take a look at their explanation:

…learn the fundamentals of skeet shooting from a team of expert marksmen before unloading .12, .20 or .16 gauge shotguns at flying disks. After filling up on a Potbelly’s lunch, you’ll venture to Againn Tavern in Rockville for an assorted Scotch tasting.

Moreover, all the transportation is included — so assuming you haven’t already Dick Cheney’d one of your friends, you won’t have to worry about driving over someone in a scotch/manliness fueled rage.  A few of my friends are suggesting we go, which I’ll agree to only under the following conditions:

  • We all wear tweed
  • We speak derisively about the “natives”
  • We note how terrible the “Rhodesia” situation is
  • Someone says “Aces!” after a good shot

IronCityspy and his chaps

Any other requirements I am missing dear readers? Please let me know in the comments. Oh, and if you are interested in purchasing this Lord Fauntleroy afternoon, you can find it here.


2 thoughts on “Shootin’ & Drinkin’: a Refined DC Afternoon

  1. When I scanned the e-mail this morning, I immediately noticed the “25 shots” part of the ad. I was relieved to learn that it referred to the shootin’ part, not the drinkin’ part.

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