Mad Men has ended: Commence 1960s style withdrawal

I know. Let the Mad Men withdrawal begin.

No more snazzy outfits, no more planning theme parties in my head that I know I will never execute nor attend, no more 7356978536 overwritten blog articles that analyze  ”who is Don Draper” via  advertising metaphors and the objects in his apartment.

Farewell beautiful & impeccably-styled person

Don’t worry, I am not going to give a review of the season finale. I have too short an attention span for such things and there are 14000 better analytical outlets on the internets. All I will say is that I did not find Don’s impulsive behavior inconsistent with what he has done in the past. Oh, and Betty Draper is still the worst. However, in honor of Mad Men’s farewell episode, I am going to give my top women’s style moments of the season (sorry men). After all, the style is one of my favorite parts:

Clockwise from top: 1. Betty the Politician’s wife, 2. Beatnik Peggy, 3. Trudy’s Christmas Tunic, 4. The most heavenly neckline, 5. Anytime Joan wears Peacock Blue, 6. Trudy’s amazingly bad pregnancy PJs, 7. the ambitious women of SCDP, and 8. the Bohemian Ex (I would also include a Meghan California outfit if I could). ***all pictures taken from AMC here****

Still sad about Mad Men’s loss? Watch Boardwalk Empire. It fulfills all requirements: stylish, engaging and meticulously historically accurate. It even has Steve Buschemi. You love him! He was in the Big Lebowski!

Mad Men, you will be missed.

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