Stewart takes on Colbert at a National Mall rally-off and other district news

“Oh are you scared Jon?” “I am reasonably concerned.”

As it was announced last night on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be holding competing rallies on the National Mall on October 30, 2010. Jon Stewart’s rally is the Rally to Restore Sanity. It will be dedicated to encouraging reasonableness. No diapers, no guns, no Hitler signs, no bleeding trees, just a polite request for America to take it down a notch. He assured the audience that it wouldn’t take too long, they could find a sitter.

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AND then there was Colbert. In typical Colberian fashion, his rally, the March to Keep Fear Alive, has the exact opposite objective, entrenching fear in political rhetoric. “Reason is just one letter away from Treason,” if the Boston Tea Partiers were scared we would all be speaking English, and if you don’t book your tickets soon your kids will turn out gay. Persuasion.

The shows contend that the date is insignificant. It was chosen because the Daily Show will be taping shows in DC that week (get tickets!), so it made sense. However, it is MIGHTY close to midterm elections. So beloved readers, which side do you fall on? Got perspective or got Qaeda? In the meantime, here is some other district news:

  • Apparently being a DC tour guide is really effing complicated (Yglesias )
  • DC Spa week is back! October 11-17. And Exhale…(We Love DC)
  • Oh good god this is the scariest job ever. The video is worth a watch.
  • Tim Gunn calls the Salahis sociopaths. Let the reality battle BEGIN (Post)
  • National Airport is holding a simulated plane crash 9-11am on Saturday. Fire, helicopters but no actual loved ones. Good to know (Arlnow)

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