Iraqi prank show puts fake bombs in celebrities’ cars: Some other prank show ideas

We’ve got Punk’d, they’ve got Bomb’d. According to the  New York Times At War Blog, Iraq ran a reality show during Ramadan, entitled  ”Put him in [Camp] Bucca,” that consisted of planting fake bombs in celebrities’ cars, having the bombs found at security checkpoints, and telling the celebrities they will be going to maximum security prison.

You just got imprison'd!

Sample dialogue includes “so you are a terrorist?” and “you are going to be executed”. The show was slated to run only through Ramadan, which means it ended yesterday. No word as to whether it will continue. However, the idea of putting celebrities in terrible positions and watching them react DID get me thinking. Thanks Iraq, here are some ideas for US:

  • Jew’d! with Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is placed into hilarious situations where he makes agreements with people he thinks are Gentiles, but then they turn out to be Jews. Watch him flip out over thinking his money will be stolen and used to finance “international Jewery.”
  • Cheer up Keanu! Keanu Reeves just had the saddest birthday ever. He also says the saddest things ever (and here).  Ordinary citizens compete with balloons and kittens to cheer THE ONE up.
  • Where’s my Mexican? with celebrity moms. Let’s see if each day is a “blessing.” Young celebrities are informed they are no longer allowed to have a full time nanny. How long before their kid is shipped to the relatives?
  • Daughter of FrankenHeidi. Plastic surgery is performed on Heidi Montag while she sleeps and the audience has to guess what body part was enhanced.  If they equip her with lasers or some other crime-fighting device, I may actually watch this
  • They’ll never believe you with Bill Murray. Bill Murray comes up behind people, puts his hands over their eyes and when they see it’s him, just says “they’ll never believe you.” Oh wait, that’s REAL.
  • May the poorest orphan win! With Angelina Jolie. Orphans compete to win a life with Angelina Joli by proving they are the most destitute and obscure. Note to U.S. orphans: you don’t stand a chance (unless you are from New Orleans, then maybe).
  • 2 Punk’d 4 Life with Ashton Kutcher. You plant a fake bomb in Ashton Kutcher’s car only at the end the bomb turns out to be real. I smell an Emmy?

Never crosses the streams

Think you can do better? Submit your reality show ideas below!

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