Events for those venturing beyond the “safe zone”

It’s almost here. The Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally is taking place tomorrow, August 28th, at the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King Jr gave his “I have a dream speech” 47 years ago. Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker. Al Sharpton is hosting a counter-rally. A tea party supporter has given a guide to fellow Beck ralliers advising them to stay INSIDE a downtown DC pre-approved safe zone. The metro will break down. Ice cream cones will melt all over children.

so convenient

Chaos. Mass hysteria. We residents brace for this. Now, if you like political rhetoric, zany signs and outspoken celebrities, you should venture downtown and check out the festivities. However, for all of us that just want to avoid the masses, here are some things to do “further afield” this weekend:

  • Columbia Heights Day (8/28): Music, food, local retail vendors, artists and even cute dog contests! I love outdoor neighborhood celebrations and this is a great way to explore your town. 10-6
  • Concerts (all weekend!): Luckily almost all concert venues are outside “the zone.” The 930 Club is celebrating Michael Jackson’s birthday tonight and Chuck Brown’s tomorrow. DC9 is having a fez and moustache party on Saturday to slavic and balkan beats. Velvet Lounge, the Black Cat, Rock and Roll Hotel and so many other venues have events!
  • Free Outdoor Movie Screening (8/29): Go see Invictus at the Rock Creek Park Carter Barron Amphitheater for free! 730pm. Part of the Comcast Outdoor Film Festival. Details here.
  • Hill and Go Seek (8/28 ): Scavenger hunt bicycle-style. Starts at Eastern Market and has different checkpoints were you have to perform tasks/tricks. The teams with the most points win prizes! $20 per team of 2, which includes entry to the after party at H Street Country Club. Starts at 3. Sign-up, logistics and prizes HERE.
  • Eastern Market (8/29): If you are not biking inclined, just spend the day rambling around Eastern Market flea market. Summer is drawing to a close and I love flea markets on a summer day, so you should take advantage. Live music, food and wares, Eastern Market located at the VERY end of the safe zone and will probably have enough “urban” people that foreigners won’t be TOO bad.

Finally you could always just GET OUT. Hiking, biking, kayaking and camping abound outside the district. Just make sure to check road closures. Enjoy the weekend reader(s)!!!!!!

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