Top 5 things I miss about DC on vacation

Good Morning readers,

We are coming to you from beautiful coastal Georgia this morning. To my right is a charming fountain, my left beautiful palm trees and to my center, a gnarling DCspy demanding a post be written prior to the beach.

Close approximation

At any rate, all I ever hear from DC residents is complaining. It’s too hot. There isn’t enough to do. Why are there so many Red Sox fans (legitimate)? All of which got me thinking (in admittedly enviable environs) what are some of the things I miss most about DC right now?

  1. Creature comforts. Say what you will about this, but for being a major city, DC is very,very easy to live in. People tend to take this for granted, but the fact we can get from point A to point B in a matter of minutes is astoundingly nice. Moreover, apartments tend to be rather nice, street parking is relatively easy and we can get out to the burbs very quickly. While this is hardly the most exciting  aspect of our fair burg, it’s one that is highly unusual for a city of our size.
  2. Nature. God is this an under-reported part of our town. In addition to the hundreds of green spaces, there is Roosevelt Island and Great Falls where we can go hiking , several boat houses where we can go boating, fishing or even swimming (all of which are great places not to invite your brother to). I love city-life and likely will never leave it, but having access to nature is crucial to my sanity.
  3. Local sports. Not because I like ANY of the teams (though the Nats have a certain place in my heart) but rather because I love watching them set stupid expectations due to the preseason, draft, free agent signings, et al, only to let EVERYONE down. In addition to giving me hundreds of words of usable copy each week, the schadenfreude I experience watching the locals each week is more than I can express. Anytime I worry I am being mean, I bump into some idiot Caps fan and remember why I am on the side of all things good and decent.
  4. Crabs. Oh my god do I love blue crabs and old bay. If there are any Jews or Muslims out there needing a reason to break their covenant with God, this would be my suggested method
  5. Residents with low-expectations. Especially for top 5 lists.

I doubt you'd find a picture of Crosby doing (or wearing) this

Think you have a better top 5? Please feel free to comment. Just be kind, we are on vacation and are kind of half-assing it.


5 thoughts on “Top 5 things I miss about DC on vacation

  1. I fully appreciate the props given to blue crabs w/ old bay. They are almost as awesome as the SKINS will be this year…did you SEE that preseason game?! (yes. sarcasm. yes. i am an optimistic but realistic skins fan).

  2. I appreciate your top five list and will counter it with my own. As a new resident to the D.C. metro area, having relocated from Florida, I will add my own twist to the list: The Top Five things, in descending order of my anticipation, that I most look forward to taking for granted as an area resident.

    5. Employment Opportunities. We should never forget that there are states, such as the one that I just left, with double digit unemployment and little opportunities for the unemployed. While I am still hunting in this regard, I have located a wealth of opportunities worth applying to not present in Tampa.

    4. Professional single women. I guess this may be chauvinistic and a product of my testosterone, but I so far prefer the type of women I have met in this area to those in Florida. For how much everyone frets about their career in D.C., it sure seems that women here are much less status conscious on nights out that they are in “image is everything” Florida.

    3. Intellectually stimulating people. It is not my intent to badmouth my former home, but it is clear that educated people move to D.C. to explore professional opportunities making it a hub for intellectually stimulating people and discussion.

    2. “Hole-in-the-wall” dining options. Here is my challenge to you, should you be willing to accept it: On vacation to Florida, attempt to experience the state as its residents know it. To do so, I suggest you visit the Tampa suburb of Brandon. While there, attempt to locate dining options not called “Outback”, “Applebees” or “Carrabbas”.

    1. Public Transportation. I have read consistently complaints of the Metro. However, D.C. residents should feel fortunate to have such a system available. Upon graduating from college and leaving the creature comforts of campus, I quickly discovered Tampa unlivable without the use of a personally owned vehicle.

    Thanks for this opportunity to comment. Feel free to check out my blog, linked above. My post recent entry details my move up here, and I hope to use the site to discuss further adventures in the D.C. metro area.

  3. Only a minority of Muslims don’t eat crabs. Out of that minority, only some believe that crab is completely forbidden while others just believe it should be avoided.

  4. Never suggested it was a majority or encompassed the entire faith. Simply stated if “any” wished to break “their” pact — so the grammar was correct and the statement inline with your comment.

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