Nerd gear has never been so stylish

It’s mid-August. It’s the time of year when stores start bringing out their fall collections, students begin orientation, and cicadas, nature’s favorite mistake, die en mass along the streets. Cold is coming, yet temperatures are at their highest, a sort of pièce de résistance of the summer season. When I was a kid, the only upside to this August death march was school supplies. So sure, I lost my freedom, but at least I had a brand new golden retriever puppy folder and horse pencil case in prison.

Fast forward years later, and it is basically the same low bar. Except this time the supplies are better and their accessories more expensive. In honor of fall, I have outlined some of the best laptop and cell phone cases around. So for those starting school, a new job, their own company or just want to spice up their gear, here are the stylish new accessories that I covet the most. Enjoy:

clockwise from the top: Asos, Modcloth, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, PackandSmooch (via Etsy), Lollington (via Etsy)

clockwise from the top: Grovemade, Scott Wilson for Uncommon, Budi Satria Kwan for Threadless, EgoorEngland (via Etsy), Yellena James for Uncommon, Hector Mansilla for Threadless, ChrisandYaya (via Etsy), khudgins (via Etsy) (it’s an android cover!)

The links go directly to the product. Oh, and for those that are upset that these are mostly iphone covers, I just want to say that I literally spent HOURS looking for others. Designers love apple, so HTC, blackberry and all other cell phone compatriots are few and far between. However, I would suggest searching “Etsy Handmade” for your particular phone case. Etsy specializes in handmade products and they have tons of things if you have the time.

Hooray for nerd gear!

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