People that prefer snowmageddon to our heat wave should be destroyed

Yes, it’s hot outside. Very hot. According to NBC Washington, yesterday was day #50 this summer to reach temperatures of 90 degrees or higher. The statistic is admittedly impressive and we all feel a bit more hardy for sweating through it everyday, but does it really make us nostalgic for snowpocalypse? NBC aimed to find out. In an article entitled “Come back Snowmageddon!” they asked people around the District the eternal question “snow or sweat?” Here are the results: 


Idiots. People that prefer snow are idiots.  This is SNOW: 


working in snow,  walking in snow, ”fun” in snow

The only arguable upsides to snow are skiing, hot chocolate, snow’s natural beauty and Christmas, with all but skiing enhanced by being INSIDE. You have to schlep to work through slush, dig out your car, make sure your hair is 100% dry before leaving, and no matter how many layers you put on, your face is still effing freezing. Even animals hibernate in the winter. Now, HEAT is this: 


 Beach, baseball, kayaking, and freedom. Sure you look like swamp thing by the time you get to work, but at least you’re a TAN swamp thing. Summer sweat brings you backyard bbqs, smores, summer camps, and road trip adventures. Children are happier, people get married, and all is right with the world. It’s who we are. Our bodies are built for warmer climates. 

So in the end, cold may ”build character,” but summer makes you feel alive. Sweat wins. Anyone dare to counter?

11 thoughts on “People that prefer snowmageddon to our heat wave should be destroyed

  1. Snow is clearly preferable to blazing heat and humidity!

    Whether you like or hate cold/snow the fact of the matter is you can usually continue to put on layers and you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re going to be warm enough.

    With heat/humidity you can only take off so many clothes and you’re still HOT AND MISERABLE! When it is as hot as it has been pools don’t even help that much because the water temperature gets up to the point where it is almost jaccuzi level temperatures….not refreshing. About the only things that do help are being inside in the A/C or at the ocean where the water tends to be between 75 and 80 in the summer which is nice.

    Looking at this from a health perspective, the article mentions a “tan” swampthing. How many people have to die from skin cancer before we realize tanning isn’t a great thing? If you engage in tanning carefully it is do-able. However, most people go out, end up getting fried and greatly increase their risk of skin cancer. From another health perspective, during the hot and humid season it seems like Washington is constantly under an air quality alert. Those don’t exist durning the snow/cold season.

    The article did point out some of the good aspects of snow. During the snow season, I found people to be much more friendly and outgoing. People in your neighborhood are out shoveling, helping strangers getting their stuck cars out of snow drifts, people out having snowball fights (did you see Dupont Circle?), getting time off from work to spend with family/friends. From a slightly unusual perspective, looking at this from a security standpoint, take a look at the murder rate in the region during the snow storms…there were hardly any murders! Quite different than a hot summer night!

    To be fair, snow and heat each have their advantages and disadvantages. I happen to be one who thinks the snow disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages. Our bodies are built for the regions they are acclimated with. People in cold climates tend to have a harder time in hot climates and vice versa.

    To each their own…the fact of the matter is MOST people are going to complain when it is too hot out or too cold out. Then there are the hardcore people on the hot/cold side of the issue which makes up the miniorty.

  2. I hate the heat, especially when it lasts for weeks without end.

    We should call this year’s heatwave scorchathon.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more!
    I’d rather enjoy a lazy, hazy day of summer than have to sit through another painfully cold (and endless) winter!
    Oh, and in defense of summer, it is far more common to commit suicide and become depressed in winter than in summer. So there you go! Evidence that summers are a WHOLE lot better!

  4. Thanks for the all commentary guys! Between comments, tweets and emails, the opinions seem to be pretty split between snow versus sweat. I will obviously hold my position until eternity :) but snow makes some solid observations.

  5. How many people live in Florida but winter in Maine?
    Zero? Hmm…..
    Of the many people who own 2 homes:
    Did they buy the place in Miami/Tuscon/Palm Springs to avoid the winter or the place in Maine to avoid the summer? Hmm….
    Am I sensing a pattern here?

  6. The reason people winter in Florida: they are old and can’t shovel. also they break their hips after falling on ice. winter= the season for youth.

  7. Fall is the best season, hands down.

    And if when it comes to extreme weather, SNOW is much better than heat and humidity. I miss winter!

  8. Try being in the snow/cold for a couple of days with no heat or running water and a sick dog. Then tell me how great the snow is. And regardless of how much I put on, my fingers still turn blue. I’ll take the heat/humidity over the darn snow.

  9. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Cold is good…scorching heat is bad…It’s so much easier to layer up. How many layers can you take off and still dress respectively for work? Not many!!! For those of you who think summer park wear is cool for the office, think again…it doesn’t work. Bring on winter anyday over the suffering we’ve had this summer.

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