Quick Note: TBD launched this morning!

Morning beloved reader(s). I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about TBD, a new DC news site that launched this morning. Headed by Jim Brady, the ex-WashingtonPost.com executive editor, TBD takes a rather unprecedented approach to local news. Employing only 12 full time reporters, a stark contrast to the Post’s 100 strong reporting staff, TBD pulls from its network of 127 local blogs to fill in the gaps. Such a symbiotic relationship with bloggers is virtually unheard of in the journalism community, which often dismisses their grassroots reporting neighbors, and provides TBD with a wealth of locally-driven content.

Now, I cannot offer you much analysis on the intricacies of such a news model. I am a SPY, not a journalist. However, as a reader of numerous news sites, I can tell you that TBD’s user experience stands out. The layout is logical, a reader can filter all the news and blogs headlines by location, effectively customizing the stories that appear, sports is on the home page, and the site has an entire section dedicated to commuting, complete with traffic flow maps, metro delay information, taxi rate calculators and other handy tools.

In short, TBD makes it easy for readers to find the news they want, which is no small task when drawing from both original reporting and a network of 127 blogs. It is a serious news venture (there is even a TBD TV channel) that aims to make a serious difference in how news is reported. As a lowly SPY, I am honored to be included in the network and excited about the site’s possibilities. God speed TBD!


(oh and TBD, I will update my SPYmap soon. I am just lazy. PROMISE)

2 thoughts on “Quick Note: TBD launched this morning!

  1. After 9 years of loyalty to WJLA & especially its discussion forum, I have defected to WUSA9. I find this launch to be a giant step backwards. I can not locate national or world news anywhere and local news is limited. This site seems to be focused on rich people who dine in DC restaurants every night. I am interested in NEWS and the discussion of it and it’s no longer here. VERY SAD!

  2. Thanks for the comments! TBD is actually a local news site, so it does not cover national or international news. It does aim however, to meet your local news needs.

    If these needs are not met, you should shoot TBD a message on what they should change. They are open to feedback. It is, after all, an experimental model. And as for rich people, I can tell you that at least one blogger in their network doesn’t fit your description! :)

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