SHARK WEEK contest winner, clip of the day and cupcakes!

Office MAKOver

Get it, like mako shark*?! Clever girl. Congrats to JenT23 for your winning submission to our contest. You will be getting your shirt in the mail shortly! Runners up include “going to work BITES” and “I’ll show you a case of the Mondays.”

Oh and the highlight of Shark Week so far? This clip from “Air Jaws” of a biologist sitting on a strip of whale carcass (without any semblance of protective gear) while great white sharks EAT IT :


“It’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Anything for a good picture.” Jesus. No words. Finally, Cupcakes Actually in Fairfax, VA is selling Shark Week cupcakes to celebrate the conclusion of Shark Week this weekend! Details here!!

Shark cupcakes in DC!

Shark Week continues tonight with “the top 10 deadliest sharks” at 9pm EST on Discovery. WATCH.

*Mako is pronounced “make-O.” God I love puns

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