Fun with Ferrets and other District News

Happy Friday from our newest National Zoo black footed ferrets! Yes, our zoo has had remarkable success breeding these cutest and rarest of creatures. Out of 50 births this year, 49 kits have survived. This success is astounding considering that in 1985 there were only 18 black footed ferrets left in the wild due to disease and habitat destruction. 18!  Captive breeding programs brought these guys back, but they are still considered endangered.  They are also not generally err, smart:

click the picture for entire ferret slideshow!

  • Exhibit A: “When excited, ferrets may perform a routine commonly referred to as the weasel war dance, a frenzied series of sideways hops and bumping into things.”
  • Exhibit B: “Recliners are a leading cause of accidental death in ferrets. Ferrets will often climb inside the springs and can be injured or killed once the chair is put into a reclined position. Many also enjoy chewing items made of soft rubber, foam, or sponge, which present the risk of intestinal blockage and death if ingested”
  • Exhibit C: “Veterinarians suggest not feeding raisins and the like to ferrets at all because they are known to hide their food, raising the possibility of a ferret hiding a large amount of raisins over time and then dangerously consuming them all at once”

They eat foam, do a happy dance and kill themselves gorging on raisins. Darwin may have a point. Here is some other district news:

Bourbon Steak hotdog (via Metrocurean)

  • New York Magazine raises the question “Is DC the next big food city?” Pro: we are finally getting some cred. Con: This “cred” derives from NYC chains Serendipity and Carmine’s setting up shop here. They also dislike our fancy restaurants. Displeased.
  • Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons is offering fancy $7 hot dogs and beer through August. It’s not on the menu, you have to ASK. Delicious! (Metrocurean)
  • My favorite rickey won! Congrats Root of all Rickey by Alex Bookless of the the Passenger (We Love DC)
  • Midcity Dog Days is this weekend on 14th street. Free drinks, food samples, and retail specials. Bring your DOGS! Scroll down to see shops and restaurants!
  • Alex McCord from People has a surprisingly insightful analysis of The Real Housewives of DC. I concur, Ms. McCord. Thanks Marina for the tip!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Ferrets and other District News

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised by Alex McCord’s Real Housewives of DC analysis. I was also surprised that they asked her to do it, I think she’s being dropped from the series, but glad they did. Yes, I know what too much about the Housewives series. However, after watching the ladies on The View and Today, I don’t know if I will watch the DC version.

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