The perfect last minute gift spot and the fate of Go Mama Go!

We have all been there. You are late for an event, hair askew, one shoe on, when it suddenly occurs to you that you have no gift. DAMMIT. Sure if it’s a cocktail party, no problem. Bottle of wine. Done. But for other parties or err, weddings, you need a gift and a card and you need it fast. In these situations, I turn to the ROW. The row consists of Pulp, Cork Market, Home Rule, and Go Mama Go! on 14th street. They are all next door to one another that exact order. Here is what you do…

Home Rule, Cork Market (via readysetdc), Go Mama Go (via thingsandstuff)

  1.  Go to Home Rule and pick up an artsy  houseware item. Glasses, mixers, quirky bath and kitchen accessories. This is perfect for weddings. They have tons of beautiful appliances and accessories. They are also decently priced.
  2. If you find nothing at Home Rule, check out Go Mama Go! next door. More on the fate of Go Mama Go! later, but it is a store of quirky, cute gifts. Many are Asian-inspired, beautiful and you are guaranteed they won’t see your gift anywhere else. The supply is a bit pared down from what it once was, but you can still find quality merchandise.
  3. Go to Cork Market and pick up a bottle of wine if you want that extra bit of pizzazz. Or an artisanal cheese. OR a gourmet picnic basket for yourself, because their fried chicken entree was ranked top ten in the US by Bon Appetit Magazine. Throw in some coasters from Go Mama Go! or irreverant napkins from Pulp and you are in business.
  4. Go to Pulp and get a witty card, wrapping supplies and perhaps a small gift. Their cards are AMAZING. Irreverant, artsy and edited, it will look like you spent tons of time finding that unique card, but you didn’t. You just found the right store. They also have cute small gifts.

Pulp (via cooltownstudios), one of their cards and Cork Market (via readysetdc)

Now, I could show you things I have bought from the ROW, but I am not lying when I said I use this method often. People would be offended. Lose-lose. However,I will say that in 15 minutes, you can easily find a card, wrapping paper, main gift, and accent gift, all of which are NICE.


Poor Go Mama Go! (via Ustreetgirl)

Ah, but here is the rub. You see, Go Mama Go! is going out of business. The owner sadly passed away in 2007 and her husband cannot keep up the store indefinitely. They issued a press release about it in January, but have simply stayed open. After talking to the staff, it turns out that a new restaurant was supposed to take over the space in April but backed out when 14th Street’s restrictive restaurant zoning ordinance was passed. Now it’s looking like Go Mama Go! will stay in business through at least October, or through March 2011 when their lease runs out.

So yes, the ROW still exists but for limited time. Check it out, slackers!

One thought on “The perfect last minute gift spot and the fate of Go Mama Go!

  1. Nice survey of the stores. Totally agree that they are a great place to pick up gifts and other random things.

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