Where do babies come from? Snow and boredom my child

Morning Reader(s). Sigh. Monday morning again. We are coming off quite an eventful weekend. Chelsea Clinton got married in a beautiful Vera Wang strapless gown (though she looked quite skinny no?), there was a knife fight at a church clam bake, and SPY bought a telephone lamp from the 1940s. Yes, a “telephone lamp.” It looks like this: 

Allo gov'nah!

No idiots, the phone doesn’t still work. Although the lamp surprisingly does. Anyways, this weekend also brought alot of something else: BABIES. 

Piles of them. The Post reports that Silver Spring hospital has 75 more babies per month slated for the next three months. Family Health and Birth Center in Northeast anticipates a “record-setting” 35 deliveries in August. Inova hospitals have “unusual” numbers of deliveries lined up. And why? You guessed it: SNOWPOCALYPSE. 

When Nancy Bonnell, 31, thinks of her baby girl due next month, she recalls the December snow that she and her husband, Brian, endured: “We lived in the apartment and had nothing to do.” So they cooked in their Derwood home, they grew restless and then they — well, you know. – Nikola Sparks, The Notebook 

Okay fine. It’s not the Notebook. It’s not “oh, the snow looks so much different with you because you love that I paint so we need to make a treasured love moment” or whatever. Jesus. No. This is simply the hilarious reality of what people do when they’re trapped. I mean, look. After  5000 reruns of the Cosby Show, boring walks to “look at” the snow, responding to every possible email, and cooking with leftover ingredients, there comes a point when you just look at your partner and think, meh, what the hell. 

ice to meet you!

 And I love it. I love that there is an upswell of kids because of it. With how much relationships are romanticized to death, these stories are refreshing and frankly more romantic. You get bored, you fool around, and you laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. And sure, make up a romantic non-Shining story for your kids. But in the end, you secretly know the true absurdity of the situation and it’s brilliant. I don’t know, but maybe that’s just me.

Congrats all you new snowpocalypse parents!

3 thoughts on “Where do babies come from? Snow and boredom my child

  1. Every time I see the title of this post I start laughing a little too loud. I very much enjoy it. Love the phone lamp, too….are you divulging where you got it?

  2. ha. I forgot to put that in! I got it at Ruff and Ready. Pretty much the perfect place to find a telephone lamp! Everyone should experience Ruff and Ready at LEAST once.

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