Why DMV is the new DC (and other District news)

Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, Baltimore is Charm City and now DC is … the DMV? Yes, the Post reports that the DMV, as in D for District, M for Maryland and V for Virginia, may become our town’s newest nickname. Apparently it is used all over hip hop radio stations and is quickly gaining ground. Per the article, it ”may even displace Chocolate City.” Ha. I can’t imagine why!! The Post then analyzes Chocolate City based on African American living trends as if the there is some other reason, other that it being SUPER racist, for it’s fall from relevance.

DMV in action via DMV Sports Talk

One thing the article doesn’t mention? The problem with mainstreaming a nickname created by the hip hop community. You see, if a hip hop DJ says “I’m up in the DMV” it sounds awesome. However if SPY says “I’m up in the DMV” it sounds like its my turn in line to get my license renewed. Unfortunately for DMV, there are alot of SPY-like nerds around our fair metro area.

So unless you want “DMV” join the host of other things started by black people and ruined by white people (Dave Chapelle, Mos Def, Bob Marley, “fo shizzle,” poetry slams, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Steelers jerseys etc), it should just stay grassroots. If it catches on, oh well. Threadless will have a lot of ironic DMV t-shirts to sell.

who knows all the words?!

For now, I am going to stick with “the District.” It may be boring and not overtly reference MD/VA, but its short and sweet.  Anyways, the Post’s counter examples of “the Bay Area” and “the Southland” (which NOBODY says), are just as boring. But now, for some other DISTRICT news

  • The Redskins are operating a “cigar bar” at FedEx field to sell tickets. Oh, but they are calling it a “tobacco shop” since such cigar bars are ILLEGAL. Sigh. Halftime snifter anyone? (City Paper)
  • The DC zagat guide is released. Methodology remains mysterious. Marcel’s OWNS it (DCist)
  • Bar Pilar on 14th Street  is offering fresh steamed crabs (yes w/ mallets) and sides through August. I can walk there. Score! (We Love DC)
  • Yahoo released its best cities for young professionals: DC makes it due to stable jobs, nightlife and new neighborhoods. Cons? metro breakdown, traffic and humidity. I think the past 2 weeks masterfully showcased all three, no? (Yahoo)

Question of the day:do you like DMV? If not, any other nickname?

7 thoughts on “Why DMV is the new DC (and other District news)

  1. i like “the district” better myself, too. i will use “DMV” in a venue like twitter, but only if i’m referring to something like I-66 or the redskins, which has a tangential connection to the district proper but largely happens in the suburbs. but when i tell people where i’m from, it’s always, without fail, “the district.”

    and did you see the part where people in RICHMOND were trying to use it? oh, my lord. spare me that.

  2. Love Dave Chapelle. Such a funny guy. His show was so over the top and hysterical. Hopefully he is happy somewhere. A DC native, I believe.

  3. Those rankings are ridiculous. NYC should be #1, obviously, and where are Boston and San Fran? And Seattle? Seriously, we’re ranking Kansas city over West Coast cities? And where’s New Orleans, which I have previously established on this blog as the best city on earth?

  4. As a native of “DC,” I’m quite used to hearing, “The District” from long-time Washingtonians. I agree with you. DMV feels kinda dirty… True natives exclude Maryland and Virginia for many reasons: political, social, and municipal. (VA took back part of it’s land, Maryland kept the elite divide, DC has taxation w/o representation and neither MD / VA supported the city until the exploitation of the ’90s).

    Also, “DMV” just sounds silly.

    “Chocolate City” is a misnomer because it’s no longer true. The real estate boom (errr… gentrification) handled that. There are plenty of other Chocolate Cities in the US, and it hasn’t been my experience that blacks/African Americans are offended by the term.

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