Live every week like its SHARK WEEK: August 1-8, 2010

It’s finally here. August 1st, 2010 at 9pm marks the beginning of SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel. That one glorious week where standard Discovery Channel programming like Verminators and Ghost Lab takes a necessary backseat to showcasing our favorite master of the deep, the SHARK. Last week I received my SHARK WEEK press packet in the mail. It was like Christmas morning. I got a T-shirt, a post card of my adopted whale shark named Gil, shark DVDs, and schedules of shark shows, all which came in a box like THIS:

DCspy shark week t-shirt (pictured) giveaway! Details below!

There was even a disclaimer that read “due to liability issues, our lawyers advise us that you will not have visitation rights to your shark,” because Discovery Channel is AMAZING. Finally, as if I wasn’t excited enough, Discovery Channel did this to their Silver Spring location:

Chompie the inflatable building shark

Yes, his name is Chompie, he looks down at the Silver Spring metro, and good God do I want to work there. You can take a picture of Chompie, write a caption, and win an official photo contest sponsored by Discovery and our very own Express Night Out. Details here. Submission deadline is Monday, July 26th.

Also because I am a kind and altruistic person (who wishes she wore an XL), I am holding my own photo caption contest. Basically, the person that comes up with the best caption for Chompie’s photo wins my XL shark week t-shirt. If you take an original Chompie picture, you can even enter my ghetto contest AND the Express real contest simultaneously! Email with your answer. Deadline is Friday July 30th.

SHARK WEEK runs from August 1-4, 2010. It will feature nightly specials on sharks, shark attacks and all sorts of things. Discovery Channel is also trying to make more of an effort to promote shark conservation and awareness. So will there be crazy shark attacks and sensationalism? Yes.  But there will also be information on why sharks need saving. Over one million sharks die a year from commercial fishing. They deserve our love too. Go to to learn more about helping these wonderful guys.

***Shark Smarts: what is the only natural predator of the Great White Shark?? (no it’s not us)*** Thanks to Express Night Out and for the photos.

9 thoughts on “Live every week like its SHARK WEEK: August 1-8, 2010

  1. It’s probably the Orca (killer whale) — though I doubt it would go after an adult Great White. It probably just goes after young/juvenile ones.

  2. Thanks for the post and heads up. I’ve heard about Shark Week, but have never watched it. This year maybe I’ll see what all the hype is about.

    And your contest is not ghetto, it’s sweet and personal. I also hate how T-shirt giveaways always seem to cater to men and not women of a smaller size. Oh well, that’s life.

  3. btw, best SharkWeek quote ever came from guitarist in an old band. We were out to dinner after an early show and he says “its almost 9? i gotta get home and get high before sharkweek starts”

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