Some suggestions for Strasburg’s birthday celebration this weekend

 Yes, I know. Stephen Strasburg’s birthday was yesterday: July 20th (omg SUCH a cancer), which means he is sensitive and “watery,” or something. Anyways, I didn’t post this yesterday because a) I was very busy and b) it made no sense to. I mean, he wasn’t going to go livin’ la vida loca the day before he starts against the Reds! However, between now and probably August 1st (if my StrasSPY info is correct) I figured he could do something to celebrate.

Our Phenom is 22. Aww

 Strasburg, good luck tonight and here are some birthday options:  

  • Have a big Mexican dinner at El Tamarindo or Lauriol Plaza and complain that DC’s Mexican food is nowhere near as good as San Diego’s
  • Go see the “Athlete: The Sports Illustrated Photography of Walter Iooss” exhibit at the Newseum and take notes. Nobody wants big thighs on their SI cover!
  • Go see Inception at the Uptown and learn how to infiltrate batters’ DREAMS. Unstoppable!
  • Take a speedboat out on the Potomac and be deflated because nothing feels as fast as a 103mph fastball
  • Eat the Strasburger, feel awesome, then ask if you can get Strasfries with that
  • Go to Biergarten Haus on H Street and get in touch with your Deutschland roots. Although, use moderation. No Michael Phelps-ing it.
  • Avoid the National Mall and Smithsonian Museums for tourist reasons and DC metro escalators for sanity reasons
  • Watch Mad Men’s season premier because everyone, even $15.1 million pitchers, could learn from Don Draper’s style

No words

I think that’s it for this morning. Another post this afternoon. Let’s go Nats!

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