Into the Deep Freeze: Baskin Robbins retires 5 flavors

I know. It’s tough news. On Sunday, June 18th, ‘National Ice Cream Day’ as invented by Ronald Reagan, Baskin Robbins decided to ruin the ice-cream joy by announcing it was retiring 5 flavors. The final shipments of these flavors have already been sent out. Once they are depleted, the flavors will join the likes of Miami Ice,  Saxy Candidate,  and Charlie Brownie in the “Deep Freeze” retirement community. They will be replaced with 5 new ones.

Ice to see you

The discontinued flavors are: Caramel Praline Cheesecake (1970), Campfire S’mores (1975), Apple Pie a La Mode (1976), Superfudge Truffle (2007) and French Vanilla (1945). You read it right. Baskin Robbins is discontinuing goddamn french vanilla ice cream.

Custard's last stand

Have I ever ordered French Vanilla (sans sundae)? Of course not. Why would I, when there is mint chocolate chip and gold medal ribbon around? But, regardless of your preference, you can’t deny French Vanilla is America’s ice cream flavor. It’s the float in root beer float, the a la mode in apple pie a la mode, and even rose from the ashes of a goddamn Nazi defeat. FREEDOM vanilla.

Missing his flavor friends

Yes readers, it does seem some variant of plain vanilla (i.e. the WORST part of Neapolitan) will be around. But French Vanilla is superior.

And besides, you can’t tell me its worse than Rum Raisin (what am I, 95 years old?), Icing on the Cake, Cotton Candy, or Creole Cream Cheese, which all made the cut. I mean, Creole Cream Cheese stays and FRENCH VANILLA goes?? No words.

Save French Vanilla (Freedom Vanilla!) on facebook.

Thanks Robyn Fabsits for the sad cone photo and only ice cream for the vanilla cone photo!

15 thoughts on “Into the Deep Freeze: Baskin Robbins retires 5 flavors

  1. “Vanilla” just isn’t exciting. Maybe adding the word “French” in front of an ice cream flavor made it sound exotic in 1945, but now it just sounds dusty.

    My suggestion to Baskin Robbins would be to pull French Vanilla and then bring it back a year later but call it something ridiculous like “Milky Moo Vanilla” or “Vanilla Vixen.” People will eat it up having no idea they poo-pooed it a year ago when it was just simply “French.”

  2. Creole Cream Cheese ice cream is amazing. You are discriminating against New Orleans = you hate everything that is amazing about this country.

    That said, the only place that makes good creole cream cheese ice cream is Creole Creamery (, the best ice cream shop on earth.

  3. I am just happy that they didn’t retire bubble gum. It’s my favorite, although I don’t know anyone else that eats it. Not even my niece who adores all things sweet.

  4. I LOVE bubble gum! That was my favorite as a kid. I still order it…and people look at me funny, but I don’t care.

  5. If they get rid of World-Class Chocolate or Peanut Butter & Chocolate, THEN I’ll get truly agitated.

  6. wait, so they’re getting rid of french vanilla, but they’re keeping things like “splish splash sherbet”? it’s BLUE. that’s WRONG. i will never understand people, i think…

    and creole cream cheese is divine. but i second katie’s statement about creole creamery. that place was one of the few things that sustained me through law school in louisiana. that and rum. lots and lots of rum.

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