Charm boutique: Cute, eclectic and affordable jewelry (and in Georgetown no less!)

Gasp! It’s true. And no, I do not mean ‘Georgetown affordable,’ i.e. a boutique of $950+ pieces with ‘affordable’ $35 key chains and plastic bracelets in a bowl by the cashier’s desk. I mean, when Jaclyn Mason, the owner of Charm, said “I wanted to have a jewelry store in Washington that catered to everyone, to have a store packed with jewelry and accessories from $18 to $3,000,” (the Georgetown Dish)

She meant it. It really does have everything. I picked up these earrings and bangle for $50 and $38 respectively:

(And yes, I juxtaposed my new bangle with current bangles for effect)

GORGEOUS. You see, Jaclyn knows a bit about boutiquing. She started Wink clothing boutique down the street with her sister (although Wink falls more into the “covet” than “purchase” category) and now at Charm, gets her inventory from all over the globe. The interior is quaint and painted white, to show off the wares, like so:

(Second photo from the Georgetown Dish)

You should stop in! You are SURE to find something. Oh and Charm, coincidentally, also rounded out a bird-tastic week for SPY. You see, in addition to the mockingbird events of this morning, my biology SPY brother landed a job researching bowerbirds in Australia (congrats spyinthesky!) and I helped Charm get a rogue sparrow out of their store.

Satin bowerbird collecting items for his bower. They MUST be blue

It’s random, but true. The poor little guy somehow got into Charm and was sitting, petrified, on their beautiful white chandelier when I came in. Meanwhile, the nice store clerk was peering at the sparrow, also petrified, from the hallway. After a couple failed attempts at bird herding (the bird kept flying into the window instead of the open door, I mean COME ON), we finally herded the little guy out to freedom.

The day was saved, they offered me a bird herding discount, and I got new jewelry. Score!

Charm, 2910 M St., DC, 20007, (202) 298 0420, website

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