DC, you love Mel Gibson and I love you for it (and other District news)

That’s our Mel!

First off, looking up crazy faces of Mel Gibson should be a national pastime. I literally wasted 30 minutes doing it. Secondly, Mel Gibson is pictured today instead of, I don’t know, BP oil news, because according to We Love DC he is the strongest trend on DC twitter, followed by Bristol & Levi’s wedding. Some of you are probably ashamed of this. Not this SPY. I ADORE it.

You see, DC residents realize that gold like Mel Gibson doesn’t come around all the time. I mean who thought “sugar tits” and Jew rants would seem pedestrian compared to “I’ll BURN the f*cking house DOWN.” He also apparently punched his baby. Of course he did. And as for Levi and Bristol’s camo-themed wedding? Let’s just say, I call the XTERRA Baitcasting Combo.


So no, we are not trending on financial regulation, but we are not trending on Bieber Fever, oh excuse me, “fevah,” either. However, since some of you may expect real news from this blog,  here is the weekly roundup:

  • God is DC good at things. According to awards this week, we are one of the smartest, thinnest, veggie-loving-est places in the USA. We also have one of the country’s top 10 new cocktail bars
  • DC Cupcakes premiers tonight on TLC. To quote Daniel Tosh, “I hate how there are so many shows on TV about cake. It’s CAKE.” Yup, here’s another show about cake.
  • PoP reports that Teak Wood Asian restaurant opens below a gay bathhouse. The name is… an interesting choice.
  • Montgomery County will have to spend another $40 million on the purple line to complete DC metro rainbow. Sure the costs are high, but maybe there is a pot of working escalators on the other side!
  • Yes, there was an earthquake this morning. A small one. I slept through it,  just like old  California times

One thought on “DC, you love Mel Gibson and I love you for it (and other District news)

  1. Okay, I am being one of the “Californians,” but 3.6 is really nothing. You can barely feel anything below 4.0. But, to the extent people did feel it, I am sure it was a pretty unique (and weird) experience. They always are, no matter how many times you have been through them.

    On another note, no interest in Bristol and Levi. It’s just sad to me. There is a kid involved after all. And Mel Gibson needs a lot of help. And no matter how much some people defend him by saying he was drunk, I don’t know anyone who has gone on a racist tirade while drunk. Maybe I’m just hanging out with the wrong (or right?) people.

    As always, love the post!!!! Keep writing.

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