DC beats out all hippy cities for most “veg friendly” title

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DCist reports the DC was named the most “veg-friendly” city in North America (as in vegetarian, not vegan) by PETA , beating out every hippy city imaginable to the title. How? No idea. PETA did not list any criteria or methodology, opting to replace such details with political puns about food instead. Somebody has been watching too much Top Chef:

Although Congress may be populated by purveyors of “pork,” Washington is making a bid to become the nation’s capital of veggie dining. Folks on both sides of the aisle could surely reach a bipartisan consensus on the faux turkey club sandwich from Java Green, ratify the vegan pepperoni and mozzarella pizza at Busboys and Poets, and put an end to the gridlock for a trip to Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in nearby Falls Church, Virginia, to enjoy Popeye’s Favorite—a potato pie mixed with spinach, soy protein, and veggie bacon in a black-pepper sauce—followed by egg-free and milk-free organic pumpkin pie or almond-blueberry pie.

So yes. It gives no real insight into why we won. Especially over, I don’t know, San Francisco. Two other observations: 1) They also listed no vegetarian ethnic food, which is literally the best thing vegetarianism has going for it. Punishable offense. 2) Faux meat dishes are probably the most unappealing concept to a non-Vegan.

Vegans, if you read this blog, why the imitation meat dishes? Like a Chicken-BLT hold the Chicken and the B? Or a pepperoni pizza, hold the… everything. So bizarre to me. Since I sadly didn’t like Java Green too much, vegan friends, any suggestions? I am willing (albeit hesitantly) to give it another go.

5 thoughts on “DC beats out all hippy cities for most “veg friendly” title

  1. I have many responses to this.
    1 – DC is second only to Chicago in being well-known for steakhouses. Downtown there’s a fancy steakhouse every block (sometimes 2-3 per block). So what?
    2 – Java Green is disgusting.
    3 – Falls Church is neither DC nor close to DC.

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  3. Why does something have to have fake meat in it in order to be super vegetarian-friendly? There are these things called veggies, tofu, eggs, cheese, beans, and other real foods that don’t have meat and are still delicious. Ugh. Java Green is okay but definitely not the best vegetarian food in DC.

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  5. Thank you , I love to read about other vegetarians and vegans as it gives me the strength to continue. I have about a thousand vegetarian feeds in my google reader, but I’m sure another can’t hurt!! I did manage to find a good lentil recipe here, but I’ll be sure to try yours too. Thanks!

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