Viva España: Estadio on 14th Street opens Tonight!

Sigh. My job is quite busy at the moment and I have not written a post for this afternoon. HOWEVER, since no amount of work could tear me away from a potentially delicious snack, I wanted to give you a heads up on the opening of Estadio Spanish restaurant on 14th Street. According to my TBD friend Metrocurean, Estadio finally opens tonight (cue vuvuzelas)!!!  Felicidades DC Spaniards, you’ve had quite a week.

Lovely rustic decor

Photo by Metrocurean

Estadio is located at 14th and Church Streets. It will be the second restaurant for Mark Kuller, the founder of Proof in Penn Quarter. Now, you can find all the details and more photos on Metrocurean (I sadly, was not offered a sneak peek), but let’s just say Manchego and chorizo bites, alcoholic slushitos*, bocadillo sandwiches, cheese-stuffed figs wrapped in ham and all other manners of meat and cheese plates are getting me exited. Tapas, bites and entrees oh my!

*slurpees de España

2 thoughts on “Viva España: Estadio on 14th Street opens Tonight!

  1. I’ve walked by Estadio a couple of times and both times it was very busy, pretty much every table was full. It also looks beautiful, such a transformation from the Garden District space. So, it seems popular so far, but I haven’t tried the food yet.

  2. Quick review: Our wait time was nearly 3 hours and we left before getting seated. Drinks are expensive and very, very small (less than 4 ounces).

    First, they do not take reservations for tables under six. When we called for a reservation with six, they would not take our reservation, anyway, as it was the day of. On the phone, the hostess assured us that there would be room for us – and our friend who is on crutches – in the large bar area. While the bar area is quite large, the seats are bolted to the floor, so the only re-arranging is asking people to slide down. And, there was certainly no room for our friend’s cast when you cannot slide the stools back.

    When we arrived, they said they were putting a tables together to make space for our party; a few minutes later, the hostess returned to tell us that we were going to have to wait 45 minutes. Two hours later, I went up the the hostess, who sent the owner over to give us meat, cheese, and four pieces of bread (for our six person party). He also told us he was buying us a round of drinks, which meant that he was bringing us a very inexpensive bottle (which can be purchased in Spain for 2.50 euro) of seltzer wine.

    We waited another 45 minutes, then left. Our drink total: two drinks per person (no food charge): $108. Before tip.

    Needless to say, I will NOT be going back. They definitely need to work out a few things before I can encourage anyone to go.

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