DCspy appeals against burger-pocalypse

James and the Giant Burger

 Yes. That was the lead local story on the Washington Post website last night. A “We found the beef” headline accompanied by the following media items:   

  • An article (via AP) on DC becoming a burger mecca
  • An article on Obama’s burger spots
  • An article on the Post’s own burger recommendations
  • An article on burger joint expansion plans
  • A quote by Medvedev saying his Ray’s Hell burger was “very tasty” but “not quite healthy.”
  • Arguably the most unappetizing burger photo I have ever seen (above)

Sure, it’s good press. I’ll admit it. DC Burgers are delicious and Medvedev proved himself to be both Captain Gazprom and Captain Obvious. However, this type of press frightens me. Why? Because DC entrepreneurs have NO SELF CONTROL  when it comes to food trends. They just don’t. First it was Pinkberry-inspired nuevo-yogurt joints, then the 2007 cupcake revolution, then the food truck armada and now…BURGER-POCALYSE.   

Future DC Enemy #1

 Yesterday I read that the old Garden District storefront on 14th Street may become a burger joint. So although we already have BGR, Five Guys, Good Stuff, Z Burger, Ray’s Hell and a whole host of other restaurant burgers along the affordability spectrum, restaurateurs feel we could use another goddamn trendy burger.   

The rival burger gang

Sigh. PLEASE DC, don’t ruin burgers for me. As soon as we get notoriety for something, it seems we always go and beat it into the ground. The DC burger market is already pretty saturated as it is, no?  Not to mention, burgers are not the healthiest snack to enjoy at every corner. So my fair city, how about we just accept the compliment and work on making DC known for another type of snack?! Like pie. Or pho. Or crab cake sandwiches.   

Cheers to food diversity! 

*Thanks to freerepublic and triciawd for the pics!

4 thoughts on “DCspy appeals against burger-pocalypse

  1. Bobby’s Burger Palace from the expansion article is owned by Bobby Flay, my Food Network crush. While I would love to see him add onto the DC Foodie scene, can the man not come up with something a little less… boring!? I love cheeseburgers as much as that dude in pinstripes up there, but come on. There’s NOTHING else that Bobby Flay could POSSIBLY come up with?!

    Also, as an aside, there is ANOTHER Clyde’s opening up downtown. Apparently where the Border’s used to be – around the corner from Old Ebbitt. That’s another expansion that DC could probably live without… Can we get SOMETHING original down here soon??

  2. Amen. Agreed about Bobby Flay. I mean, the guy was an iron chef and does “Throw Down,” a show built on the range of cuisines he can cook! He would be a perfect force for food diversity. Use your powers for good Bobby Flay!

  3. I don’t think we have the self-control for crab cakes. COSI and Jerry’s Subs & Pizza both have Phillips crab cake options and neither deserve attention.

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