Sacrificial Lamb Kabob n Pizza and the ultimate late night snack

Happy Friday reader(s) and happy birthday Ironcityspy!!! Yes, our beloved sports et al columnist can add another year of existence to his already spy-tastic resume. Well done. However, seeing as his day has been completely overshadowed by LeBron’s decision and the apprehension of our Russian colleagues, I figured I would post on Sacrificial Lamb Kabob n Pizza in his honor. It is his major discovery.  

ironcityspy discovers Sacrificial Lamb Kabob n Pizza

Sacrificial Lamb Kabob n Pizza is located R and 17th Streets in the basement of a townhouse next to a drycleaners. Ironcityspy and I passed it literally every day walking to work but never thought to actually go in. Why? Let’s just say, despite the fantastic name (and it’s truly fantastic), the aesthetic is a bit “tidy bomb shelter,” so not dirty, but no curb appeal either.   

sandwich ingredient

Oh Sacrificial Lamb, it turns out I grossly misjudged you. You are not only open late (open until 3am on the weekends), but you make a MEAN naan chicken wrap sandwich. I am serious. The chicken is seasoned well, the meat is tender, the 2 sauces give it a nice kick and it’s wrapped in goddamn naan. So it’s not winning any weight watchers awards, but everyone has to indulge on occasion. A picture: 

sandwich snack!

DELICIOUS. You see, Sacrificial Lamb was opened by Tariq Hussain, owner of Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill, in January 2010 with a mission to improve late night food. It has a tandoor in the back to make the bread and kabobs, and got great reviews in the Washington Post and on yelp . Since it’s sort of Middle Eastern-meets-Indian, you also have kabob, butter chicken, gullab jaman and similar things on the menu. I have only had the naan sandwich and dessert, but the Post review points out more likes and dislikes.  

However, one thing is for sure: Sacrificial Lamb serves delicious, cheap food. So watch out Pasha Bistro. You may have outdoor seating and “ambience” but Sacrificial Lamb is a dark horse for neighborhood Middle Eastern. Literally, the place is a pretty dark inside.

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  1. Thank you Vetspy! Alas, my companion had an unfortunate wagon fording accident — so you’ll just have to trust it was me.

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