Top Chef Recap EP04: Enter the Double Elimination

Kevin (who?) front and center

Ah, it’s that time of the season again. The time where Top Chef attempts, often in vain, to pique your interest in a marginal cheftestant you never cared about previously. The targets: Kevin and Lynn. Who? Exactly. Why? (SPOILER ALERT) One of them is going home. We all know this.

So the “getting to know you” theme started off in the quickfire, which was to make real food accompanied by a baby food version of said real food. Hm. Let’s just say I’m happy I wasn’t tasting the baby food. The challenge tied into Padma and Tom’s kids and we learned about the cheftestants. Kenny lost his first wife in a car accident, Kevin’s (our new proscribed interest) wife just had a baby, Alex only knows about “making babies,” Angelo has a son, and Lynne (our other proscribed interest) doesn’t have kids.

That is an interesting shirt Padma

Alex also discussed 8 balls, hookers and other things that make him seem wild and crazy. Sigh. Alexander, moi malchik, you try too hard. Anyways, Tamesha and Kenny ultimately won the quickfire, making it the first victory for our DC chef. Bravo!

Now onto the elimination challenge, scratch that, DOUBLE elimination challenge. The cheftestants were in teams of 2 and were to create breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Hilton Hotel that was “transportable.” Fine. Each course was judged separately, i.e. if you won breakfast you didn’t have to cook lunch, and the whole team that lost went home. Past Top Chef runners-up Brian Voltaggio, Spike Mendelsohn, and Mike Isabella judged along with Nora Pouillon (of Restaurant Nora) and our favorite, Eric Ripert.

Nice outfit, still lacking in pizzazz

Ah, I love when they bring former spurned cheftestants back. So hyper-critical and unimpressed with the new batch. Since there was alot of food prepared, so here are the highlights:

  • Breakfast: Tiffany & Tim and Amanda & Steven win.  I am happy for Baltimore Tim, his crab cakes look delicious
  • Lunch: Angelo & Tamesha and Alex & Ed win. Angelo reasons that since the elimination challenge is more important than the quickfire, he is a better chef than Kenny, his nemesis. Kelly & Andrea also set a new Top Chef low by adding canned beans to their plate without cooking them. HOW?
  • Dinner: Kelly & Andrea and Kenny & Kevin both cook short ribs. Arnold & Lynne make mussels over pasta. Kelly & Andrea’s ribs win the dinner contest and the overall challenge, which was a bit odd because they lost breakfast and lunch to get there. They win trips to Barcelona and Venice. Score.

And then there are the losers. Notice both Kevin and Lynne, our proscribed interests, are on the chopping block. Ultimately, Arnold & Lynne were sent packing for undercooked pasta. Annoying, since Lynne prepared the pasta all on her own, was cocky about it, dismissive of Arnold, then admitted it was a bit undercooked at the judges table. The judges had no problem with Arnold’s contribution. He was effectively thrown under the bus. Sigh. So it goes.

Next week Kenny better step it up though. TOO close. His ribs were lacking in sauce. Any guesses for the next to be auf’d?

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