Happy Chocolate Day! Some delicious ways to beat the DC heat

The original and the best

So according to the internet, today is Chocolate Day. It apparently traces back to July 7, 1550, which is the day Europeans discovered chocolate. Yes, indigenous people probably discovered cocoa ages before Europe, but history has never cared about the indigenous. Sad. Although, the internet also could have just made this holiday up. Anyways, in celebration of a wonderful snack, here are some chocolate options to beat the heat:


  • Cheap: Baskin Robbins all the way. No ice cream beats the original 31 flavors. Ironcityspy and spyinthesky are loyal followers of double-chocolate. There is one at 17th and P St. NW! Location finder here.
  • Fancy: Why get ice cream when you can get chocolate gelato? The fanciest of Italian ice creams even boasts a Gelato University in Italy. My favorite DC haunt is Pitango, but Dolcezza is also very good.


  • Cheap: Potbelly has one of the best chocolate shakes around. I will stand by the DC chain. Forever. Cheap and cheerful.
  • Fancy: Top Chef Spike’s Good Stuff Eatery does a mean shake as well. Unlike the fast food options, you can also get fancy flavors like milky way and toasted marshmallow.

BAR (Because sometimes you just want a chocolate bar)

  • Cheap: It’s summer, make a s’more. Either do it up authentic style, via grill or campfire, or do the SPY college-style of microwave s’mores. Oh but no Cosi. Indoor s’more during summer is depressing.
  • Fancy: I did a whole article on fancy chocolate shops. DC has many home grown chocolatiers and imported chocolate retailers. details here.

Yes, and there are chocolate cupcakes. I am not a cupcake fan really, however I will concede that Georgetown Cupcake makes a mean chocolate with vanilla frosting. Go forth and chocolate!

(SIDEBAR: Oh, and how much do you want to do “living in” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory now? Wilder’s outfit is quite inspiring… )

3 thoughts on “Happy Chocolate Day! Some delicious ways to beat the DC heat

  1. Didn’t know that… thanks for giving me an additional reason to gobble some chocolate today :)
    Now did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? I think it’s Reagan’s most valuable declaration…

  2. What? ice cream month?!!! This blog is non-partisan, however I will concede that a month of ice cream is a wonderful declaration. Just don’t celebrate chocolate and ice cream on the same day, that would compromise deliciousness.

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