Summer style inspiration: movies we grew up with

Just wanted to include a link to brighten your day. Design Sponge, one of the best fashion blogs around in my opinion, does a segment called “Living In” where they showcase classic movies and fashions inspired by them. The movies are wonderful and the “inspired by” fashions are even more so. I obviously covet the idea. Here are some summer movies and links:

Living In: The Parent Trap


Living In: 16 Candles


 Living In: Stand By Me

Oh, such good movies, such good fashion. It’s this stuff that makes me love the summer, even in the DC crazy crazy heat. Click on the headers for more photos, it’s worth it!

5 thoughts on “Summer style inspiration: movies we grew up with

  1. Very cool blog! I see why Spy covets the idea. Nice writing style also. But nostalgia is so easy. They even have Living In: “Rosemary’s Baby”! Although I couldn’t find “Dirty Harry”, I at least didn’t run across “Room with a View” or “Pride & Prejudice” anywhere.

  2. Ha, I like Rosemary’s Baby. I can’t say I expected that.

    And yes, the Parent Trap brought me back. I LOVED their haircuts. I think that and the Swiss Family Robinson were my faves of the disney live action series. The latter because I coveted that treehouse. Oh, that treehouse.

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