Social SPY: Bitch is the New Black release party

So my end goal for this blog has always been to attend fancy parties. No, not to appear in the New Yorker, or to be a journalist, or a political pundit, or do whatever DC bloggers aspire to do.  I simply wanted to be on lists where I can dress up and have cocktails.  Aiming high? Not really. But hey, I am a simple person who happens to like outfits and swag. I grew up in LA (no, Latins I work with, I am not from Kentucky, Jesus), so maybe that shines through.

SPY before her party entrance

Anyways, last night I attended my first fancy party. FINALLY. It was for the release of Bitch is the New Black, a memoir by Helena Andrews about being a single black female in DC. Helena herself is witty and satiric, I mean, her party opener was “I do have a vagina, that I like to use every once and awhile,” so the book is obviously a) for the womens and b) très interesting. And if that’s not enough, the movie rights were bought before the book was released. The film will be produced by Shonda Rhimes, the producer of Grey’s Anatomy. So yes, it’s doing quite well.

The party was on the roof deck of Room and Board, an event location I coveted in a previous post, and, per the Fab Empire, was filled with DC writers and socialites. Even an effing real DC housewife was there.

Helena  addressing the crowd

And no, of course I didn’t recognize any of them. I am not a suddenly observant person. However, sipping my Sangria, people-watching, and taking my swag bag home of roll-up ballet flats, a Georgetown cupcake, gift cards, lotions and other things, I did feel chic. I’ll admit it. So thanks BITNB for my first fancy party!

(OH, fellow awkward white people, the book is not only for black women. I think we all can relate to being single in the city, no? So you don’t have to silently wonder about it or meekly ask. Just READ it.)

(OH and a gold star if you can name one of the two people in the SPY photo. 2 stars if you can name both. And for those who asked if it was me? Thank you, thank you SO much)

5 thoughts on “Social SPY: Bitch is the New Black release party

  1. 2 gold stars calSPY! WHICH is probably what you got in your hippy school that didn’t give grades. Because you are from Berkeley. simultaneous prize and zing.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog. Love it! It’s very witty and entertaining. I was also born in LA and am now living in DC. Keep writiting, please!

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