Lucky Bar named one of America’s best watering holes

The July Issue of Outside Magazine has named Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle as one of America’s best watering holes. The magazine chose 39 bars around the country as top “apres-adventure” spots and listed them in alphabetical order. The entry for Lucky Bar entry was as follows:

The traditional last stop for ad hoc bike-messenger races through the capital, Lucky Bar, just off Dupont Circle, is what a great bar should be: dark, loud, and packed with TVs showing soccer from Europe. Come for the happy-hour burgers: stay for the $3 dollar Yuenglings.

Unfortunately, you cannot access the article’s content online. I suppose because Outside Magazine wants you to go outside and buy their magazine.

With regards to the article, yes, I am happy that Lucky Bar gets press, but I must admit I don’t quite understand it. To me, Lucky Bar is a standard bar. It is dark and loud, with the latter often impairing your ability to enjoy its wonderful soccer matches rather than enhancing it. The happy hour burgers and cheap Yuenglings mentioned in the article can be found other places (see Clydes, Front Page, PQ Sports Tavern, among many others ).

However, it was Lucky Bar that I was told about in college and its Lucky Bar that gets the press now. So aside from the soccer, why is Lucky Bar so lauded? Dear readers, am I missing something?

Thanks to VETspy for the tip!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Bar named one of America’s best watering holes

  1. I don’t really understand the “apres-adventure” – the only people I ever see there are underpaid legal assistants/development workers getting drunk during happy hour… like every other bar in Golden Triangle.

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