The Great Zombie DC Invasion of 2010 and other possible invasions (POLL)

smile! (via DCist)

So this past Saturday, Zombies  invaded our nation’s capital. They invaded from 3pm to 7pm according to facebook (yes, zombies use facebook), occasionally stopping to eat snacks and watch soccer. They also seemed quite fatigued from the heat. Now I am not a zombie expert, but are the undead heat-sensitive? Based on this guy, it seems that way:

Zombie trading his pride for a water bottle

It also got me thinking of invasions. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the undead. They are menacing, yet slow enough that I could snap a photo and make a daring escape, instantly becoming both the town’s greatest hero and journalist. However, I don’t know if they would make my list of top invasions. And so, I throw the question to you dear reader. Which invasion would you support:

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2 thoughts on “The Great Zombie DC Invasion of 2010 and other possible invasions (POLL)

  1. vetspy says, although adorable at first glance, a kitten/puppy invasion may not be such a great idea. Cute little kitten/puppy invasions are almost always followed by obese cat/dog invasions.
    Besides you can never have enough engineers. I love trains!

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