Friday Snackdate and SPY Fail: Sweetgreen Capitol Hill launch party!

Yes, a quick snack update (“snackdate”) for a lovely Friday afternoon. I spied on the Sweetgreen Capitol Hill opening cocktail party last night and the location looks great! It’s at 221 Pennsylvania Ave SE in between 2nd and 3rd. For those of you that haven’t made it to one of the numerous Sweetgreen locales in the city, you should. It was started by my Georgetown brethren, uses local produce, and is both delicious and good for you. Basically, it’s a Kashi commercial but true.

Joining my Hoyas in the affair was PS 7′s, who catered drinks, Whoops!, who provided dessert, OH and MAYOR FENTY, who I somehow missed? God. I still don’t know how that happened. I remember eating Sweetgreen snacks, drinking delicious cantaloupe-infused cocktails, talking to the bartender about weird it is that nobody juices cantaloupe, and convincing myself that whoopie pies were the most underrated of desserts. I also remember my heels hurting and leaving to go get the Greek burger from BJR, which was obviously amazing.

PS 7′s drinks and a Whoops! pie

HM. But no Fenty. Epic spy fail. However, despite being the universe’s worst SPY, I did acquire some pieces of information:

  • Sweetgreen’s party was well-attended and I am happy they are getting so much local support.
  • PS 7′s offers happy “hour” all day on Mondays, which you must take advantage of.
  • whoopie pie > cupcake. Especially Whoops!’s red velvet one. It was DIVINE. You can follow the Hill staffer-turned-baker on twitter @whoopsbakeshop!
  • Whoopie pies were invented by the Amish. Fun Fact. So now they can add that notch to their hand-crafted belt.

That’s it for now friends. Thanks Sweetgreen! Go USA!

(OH, and thanks to the Capitol Fashionist for the pics. Their post has some additional information and pics if you are interested!)

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