An adorable car crash and some intriguing DC news

oh no, Mr. Bean!

My TBD blog friend, Georgetown Metropolitan, reports that this little Fiat 500 escaped from its owners this week. The smallest and cutest of cars careened down 30th Street, sideswiping several of its neighbors before eventually settling in a quaint flower bed. I know, accidents are never funny. But you have to admit this is a little funny. The little car was empty and nobody was hurt.

Fun Fiat Fact: Did you know that the Fiat 500 is believed to be the smallest car to ever complete a global circumnavigation? It’s true, Wikipedia told me. So you see, this little guy was a just dreamer but, like most explorers, life got in the way. Sigh. Okay, to stop myself from turning this story into the Brave Little Toaster,  here is the news:

  • Metro will raise its peak fair to $1.95 on Sunday. It will also install movie rental machines. Wait, what? I give up.  (DCist)
  • Montgomery County removes bathrooms from public parks because apparently Mr. Burns is in charge (Examiner)
  • What Boeing metro ad? Oh yes, I do need an attack helicopter!  Thanks! The Post explains the bizarre campaign (WaPo)
  • Petworth joins the DC farmers market mafia today. The market will take place every Friday. The prince rejoices (PoP)
  • Dad, where does DC water come from? Sorry son, if we tell you the terrorists win. Shame on you EPA (GGW)
  • Oh and John Wall, killer of brackets, joins the Wizards. Like everyone predicted. (Businessweek)

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