Oh frozen yogurt, where have you gone?

Sigh. And no my reader, I am not talking about pinkberry, yogato, tangysweet, or any other nuevo-frozen yogurt you can combine with lychee or golden grahams to make a personal statement about your identity, like this:

The hippest frozen yogurt around

I am talking about the ORIGINAL frozen yogurt. Like good old fashioned chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt in a cone like this:

The less hip yogurt done the way it should be

DELICIOUS. Though I do feel like an idiot saying “old-fashioned” frozen yogurt in the first place, since its FROZEN YOGURT, but you know what I mean. TCBY, Colombo, etc., the yogurt has a distinctly different taste than that of soft serve ice cream and you can’t use the same toppings as pinkberry, but I CRAVE it sometimes. It’s also low fat and pretty healthy for you, which is why it was invented in the first place.

So yes my hipster, I am impressed with your frozen yogurt cup topped with fruity pebbles, cinnamon struesel and mochi, and I acknowledge that it demonstrates how wild and irreverent and hip you really are, but give that little frozen yogurt cone another chance. It’s delicious too and could even be seen as an ironic choice in the age of pinkberry. And I know you all love irony.

I know Thomas Sweet has frozen yogurt, any other places people recommend?

(Oh and for those of you from certain iron cities of the rust belt, I will not call a wafer cone a “cake cone.” It’s stupid. I don’t see a cone made out of cake, I see a cone made out of wafer. Deal with it)

3 thoughts on “Oh frozen yogurt, where have you gone?

  1. Have you tried the frozen yogurt at Something Sweet (on Macomb at Wisconsin near Tenleytown)? It’s probably the best I’ve had – very tart and homemade-y.

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