Memorial Day suggestions for those in the District

Now, as many DC residents know, the cardinal rule for summer holiday weekends in the District is as follows:

A DC resident shall use all available resources to leave the DC area and it’s environs during the holiday weekend. If that resident cannot leave the area, for reasons such as work, a crap NGO salary or poor planning, that resident must avoid at all costs the following locations: the National Mall, Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Vernon and the Smithsonian Museums, or risk suffocation by tourist.

Yes. We know this. Get out of dodge or at least avoid the birth of freedom. This is ESPECIALLY true on Memorial Day. If not, you will be surrounded by ice cream cones, eagle hats, and herds of children on escalators. However, for those of you in DC on this fair weekend that want to get out of your house and enjoy our town. Here are 4 suggestions from me to you

  • Mexican-inspired Picnic This can be conducted in Rock Creek Park or any other park. And yes, it has to be Latin-themed. Because growing up in LA, my Hispanic friends on my soccer team knew how to throw down at a public park better than ANYONE. Get Mexican food (including CHURROS from Costco), checkered table cloth, pinata, alcohol, an awesome and tasteful playlist, and (if you have them) Latin friends. I guess if you are super-white, at least have SOME other ethnic friend. Sure, you can do some other theme, but then a Latin picnic will inevitably come in and OWN your picnic and you will wish you were there.
  • Roast a Pig for a good cause (SUNDAY): OR have an Arlington Restaurant do it for you. 3 Bar & Grill in Arlington is hosting a pig roast on Sunday, May 30 from 4 p.m until they run out of pork.  They will also have drink specials from 4-9 pm.  All proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Celebrate the 9:30 club’s 30th birthday (MONDAY): The 9:30 club is turning 30! And it has tons of events going on this weekend, many of which are free. You can find details here. There are tons of bands in different genres, many of which were integral in the 9:30 clubs history, giving shows. Its my favorite venue in DC.
  • Hike Old Rag Mountain: I blogged about this. Read it (link here) and do it. It will be a nice temperature than the swamps of DC and the views are spectacular. Just get out early. Its a full day hike and you will feel amazing afterwards. For those that want feel away from people, but remain in DC, go kayaking in Fletcher’s Cove. Read about details here.
  • Rent a Bike in DC: Okay the hiking and biking are available all the time. But with the weather being nice and people crammed in the metro to celebrate our armed forces, I figured getting out (while staying home) was a great option. DC has tons of stations where you can pick up a bike for rent (like in Dupont Circle). Do it and discover a new part of the city!

I will be out celebrating my siblings college graduation in upstate New York. The little guy is being unleashed upon the job market. Party!

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day suggestions for those in the District

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  2. Try remembering what the “holiday” is all about dumba55!! It’s not about picnics and parties. It’s about remembering those who gave their lives so you can still afford the things you have. You discust me!

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