Dios Mio Lauriol Plaza is crowded, why not El Tamarindo?

So this is actually an anecdotal recommendation.

Elevator Guy (Seattle Weekly Blog)

Once, 3 years ago, I had gone to Lauriol Plaza and been given a wait time of 1.5 hours. Pretty standard. Since I live within walking distance of the place, I decided to take my beeper and just go back to my apartment so I could bide my time watching the Wire rather than hanging with brosephs at the bar. However, as I was in the elevator, this guy looks at my beeper, sighs and says “Lauriol Plaza I assume?” I said yes. He then rolled his eyes and quickly added “I don’t know why you all flock to Lauriol Plaza when El Tamarindo is right down the street, uncrowded and has better food.”

Then he just exited. The perfectly timed exit, I might add, such that the doors opened right when he finished the zing  and could just saunter out. God would that never happen to others of us. Anyways, after giving the question four seconds of pondering, I realized the answer was taco. That’s it. I liked tacos and Lauriol Plaza had them.  However, one thing I didn’t like was the yuppy “you all” label, so I had to try El Tamarindo immediately.

El Tamarindo Interior, from their website

My thoughts? First of all, he was wrong on two points. 1) El Tamarindo is not a quiet DC secret. A lot of people know it and love it and go there. 2) Lauriol Plaza does not necessarily have worse food. I feel like El Tamarindo excels in some areas and Lauriol in others. I would throw in Mixtec up in Adams Morgan with the same give and take. However, one thing El Tamarindo does do well? The TACO.

Couldn't find a taco picture! Here is a fajitas picture!

God their tacos de carnitas are delicious. For those that don’t habla espanol, tacos de carnitas are pork tacos. And I love them. They come with your side of rice, refried beans, and homemade salsa (which has a nice kick to it) are moist and flavorful and perfect. My brother had another type of taco, which he also loved and believed to be better than the tacos de carnitas. To each his own. But you should go.

As is my recommendation in most 1st-attempt situations, I would go with a basic order to start. They are Mexican and El Salvadorian, so you can choose the latter if you wish, but I feel in either case, it always good to start with a staple, then work your way exotic. El Tamarindo is like a 2-5 minute walk from Lauriol Plaza and next to Locolat, so you can go there for dessert. DELICIOUS.

El Tamarindo, 1785 Florida Ave NW, DC, 202-328-3660, http://eltamarindodc.com/

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