You can enjoy nature and still be home in time for bocce!

Good morning friends. With DCspy out spreading Western decadence in Red China, you are once again left with a far inferior post. Hopefully her cultural revolution will wrap up shortly, and she’ll be back to the emerald city soon enough.

I, like most of you, can’t imagine not living in a city at this point in my life. Having gone to college in the suburbs, I’ve had enough Fudruckers, TGI Fridays, and Ruby Tuesdays to last a lifetime (Okay, I lied. Ruby Tuesdays is AMAZING). But every once in a while, I get an overwhelming urge to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, DCspy often makes the Giant Panda seem active, so I need to find something close to home and in close proximity to snacks.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic place called Fletchers Cove!

How is this in the District?!?!

I mean look at that picture? It’s miles of untouched, unspoiled wilderness just two miles upstream from Georgetown. It’s filled to the brim with exotic-looking birds, fish that may actually not be mutated (doubtful) and I have even seen a rope swing. Yes, a rope swing. Like from the Andy Griffith Show.

The cove has a wonderful little boathouse where you can rent nearly anything you want — but people tend to do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Biking. As discussed yesterday, biking is lame. However, if you feel the need, the boat house is situated right on the C&O Canal. Though I have a great deal of disdain for biking in general, the canal trail is beautiful and impressive. It actually goes all the way up to Pittsburgh, so as you would gather, I can’t look down on this activity entirely.
  2. Kayaking! Kayaking is surprisingly awesome. I have always looked down on non-whitewater kayaking, but now having done it a few times, I really have taken a liking to it. Paddling upstream is excellent exercise, it’s a nice way to get some sun (for those of us in the vampiric community, this is important) and you can park your boat at various places and go for a swim. Please note, I only recommend doing this upstream from DC — where the water has just come from Great Falls and is relatively clean. Do NOT do this downstream.
  3. Fishing! God I love fishing. I don’t know why. I am pretty bad at it, feel bad for the worm and have never caught anything larger than a Bluegill. But last week a few of us decided to give it a try. So what did our nearly 40 years of combined Boy Scout experience net us? Other than being stranded on some rocks because we didn’t notice the tide came in? 3 juvenile fish, one of which you can see below…sort of.

swear to god there is a fish in this photo

Okay, so maybe we aren’t the best anglers in the world. But the boat house sells all the equipment, bait, and fishing permits you could possibly need! While there are better places within the greater Washington area, I can’t think of a better spot in our own backyard.


5 thoughts on “You can enjoy nature and still be home in time for bocce!

  1. So that’s where all these ridiculous Steelers fans came from: some idiot built them a path to come straight here.

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