A Rosslyn dim sum post for a Monday morning

Morning readers! So DCspy is currently Forrest Gumping her way through Beijing, pointing at pictures of food items, smiling, and walking in random directions to survive. God. I nearly ate a donkey sandwich yesterday. Yes, a donkey, like this in a bun:

Nearly DCspy's lunch

I was only a point and a smile a way. It all kind of looks the same in a photo, you know? Anyways, I decided to ask my boss, since he is Chinese and based in DC, what he recommended for DC Chinese food. In my head, the question would spark a conversation, we would bond, blog would benefit and everybody wins. As it turned out, he said “I don’t like any,” went back to chewing in silence, and the conversation was murdered. So now readers, instead of having someone’s opinion who is ethnically relevant, you get mine, i.e. someone who calls the wraps around Peking Duck “Chinese tortillas.” Who’s excited?!?!

So, for dim sum in DC, my choice is:

China Garden in Rosslyn. Yes, it’s a bit expensive and yes it is in the blandest looking area ever, but the food is good. Especially THIS:


Mmm, Pork bun. These are my favorite; they have a hint of sweetness to them. At least try one before you judge. OH, as a summary, dim sum is basically a Chinese form of breakfast/brunch where you get small plates of different food items. Waiters carry the items on different carts, visiting your table and letting you choose what you want. The dumplings, buns and shumai (which are dumpling-like) are the most famous, but tons of different things are offered. It’s a perfect way to try things.

There are other dim sum places outside DC that have gotten good reviews, Fortune in Falls Church, Good Fortune in Wheaton, A&J in Rockville among others, but I find myself coming back to China Garden the most. For those that haven’t done dim sum, it’s an experience, so go for it!! Big parties are encouraged.

(Sidebar, Now that I start thinking about it, it is quite bizarre what animals we are okay with slaughtering and which ones we are not. Like, donkey = gross but cow is not? And it’s not like I am very sentimentally attached to donkeys, yeah eeyore sure, but then we have Babe etc)

2 thoughts on “A Rosslyn dim sum post for a Monday morning

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  2. I think the popularity with China Garden is that out of the restaurants mentioned in the post above, is that it is light and fairly clean and the food is fairly decent. There are very few Chinese restaurants worthy of visiting for dim sum in DC, though we now have Ping Pong in “Chinatown” – I admit I haven’t had a chance to try it but am looking forward to checking it out.

    I totally understand with your Chinese boss’ reaction – there are very few Chinese restaurants in the DC-Baltimore area that are worthy of mention. To experience the best in Chinese cooking, you have to go to Vancouver, BC, Hong Kong, or San Francisco or my mother’s kitchen.

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