VIP Party in the produce aisle and other District news

partygoers via the Washington Post

So the Georgetown Safeway, which has branded itself the “social Safeway” because it’s a hotspot for singles cruising (no joke) threw itself a VIP grocery store party on Wednesday that included a red carpet, a Belvedere vodka fountain, and it’s own custom drink, the “Socialtini.” According to the Washington Post, which incidentally seemed embarrassed to be covering the story in the first place, the Safeway party attendee list was a veritable who’s who in DC, that included newscasters, congressmen, government officials and socialites. Jesus. I don’t know what’s sadder, that the epicenter of DC’s nightlife sells cheetos, or that the we elect people like this:

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) was an early arrival with his wife, Abby. “Wow!” the congressman said. “I like the food business. If I travel anywhere in the world, I usually take a walk through the grocery store.”

One, he was early. Two, his contribution is that he likes walking through grocery stores. Three, he is running for Senate in Missouri and decided the Safeway party was a MUST. Sigh. I think the Post summed up the whole affair nicely in this little anecdote:

The Rev. Stuart Kenworthy sipped a Socialtini as he recalled the travails of the past year: grocery shopping without his neighborhood Safeway. He went to Whole Foods looking for Frosted Flakes until one of his Christ Church Georgetown parishioners told him the box with the tiger was not sold there. “I’m so glad the Safeway is back,” he said.

Sorry Safeway, all the Socialtinis in the world won’t make a grocery store interesting, just ask Reverend Tony the Tiger.  Meanwhile, in other district news:

Oh, just another anti-gay activist vacationing with the male escort he procured from No big deal  (Gawker)

DC needs a vote, so does Puerto Rico, Guam and the rest of the territories, so why not combine’em all and make me Latina? (DCist)

First a proposed soda tax and now a gym membership tax? Yes DC, that’s what people need, Hamburger Helper incentives (WSJ)

Dios mio! Cafe Salsa on 14th Street has abruptly closed. Hope its not financial trouble…or RATS (PoP)

One thought on “VIP Party in the produce aisle and other District news

  1. I am probably a little too emotionally invested in my grocery store – I remember doing a dance when the Van Ness Giant reopened. So, while I will outwardly judge that crazy reopening party, I will secretly wish I was invited to sip cocktails and peruse the cheese aisle offerings while drooling over gourmet breads.

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