KFC throws the Gauntlet and IHOP responds

Oh no IHOP. This is not the direction you were supposed go in after hearing about the KFC Double Down. You were supposed to be horrified, offer a new healthy alternative, talk about how your little short stack isn’t THAT bad compared to most other things out there, hop on the Michelle Obama – Jamie Oliver – Soda Tax bandwagon for fewer fat kids. I don’t know, do something good.

Sigh. But what was I thinking. The gauntlet had been thrown and IHOP is not one to back down from a challenge. So dear readers, I give you the “Pancake Stacker”

They literally could not have picked a fatter sounding name. The pancake stacker is cheesecake filling surrounded by two buttermilk pancakes, topped with that fruit syrup thing (“compote” in IHOP lingo) and whipped cream. The pancake stacker combo meal weighs in at 1250 calories.

That’s it. I give up on you, America. The little soda tax doesn’t stand a chance against fatty McCheescake Pancake Sandwich. You know kids will love it because kids love overly sweet things, and plenty of adults will join in the fun despite their bodies openly revolting against it.

So readers, even though you never answer any of my questions EVER, I am going to give you a shot again. If it were judgement day, and you were standing at your respective afterlife gate (or abyss for you non-believers) and had to eat just one, which would you choose: the double down or the pancake stacker?

Think about it. OH and for those of you that want to double-double-down, i.e. eat both of these monstrosities as lunch and dessert, just make sure you get your house in order first. Nobody wants to visit your heart-attacked debt-ridden ass in the hospital.

Thanks Dani for the tip!

7 thoughts on “KFC throws the Gauntlet and IHOP responds

  1. If it were judgment day, and I HAD to eat one, I would go for the pancake stacker. 1) At least you can PRETEND to be getting some kind of nutrient from the inkling of strawberry that squeaks into that fruity topping, 2) at the risk of being TOTALLY judged – I am not a big bacon fan, and 3) carbs. I. Love. Carbs. How can KFC just take away the best thing going for a SANDWICH?

    I’m craving pancakes now. Damn you IHOP.

  2. Going with what Ironcityspy said, and taking it to its logical conclusion, shouldn’t one keep with the theme and eat a “Double Down” sandwiched between two “Pancake Stackers,” or vice versa?

    Also, I think I’d pick neither and go with a good, old fashioned “Whopper.” Classically delicious.

  3. Does that 1250 calories count all the syrup I’m going to put on the pancakes? And who only eats 2 pancakes?

  4. I’ll have to go against the crowd here. Based solely on gastrointestinal capability I’ll have to go with KFC. I’m almost certain that, wish it were not so or not, my body simply would be unable to consume the pancake stacker. I’m equally certain that I would be equally unable to even watch someone else consume it. From now on I will have to send a scouting party (Navy Seals or Jillian Michaels perhaps) into IHOP before venturing in myself.

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