A lovely 14th Street vintage furniture roundup

GoodWood via apartmenttherapy.com

Morning DC friends. So, for some reason traveling abroad always leaves me coveting vintage furniture. It’s just something about the worn wood, mix of local and colonial influences, the allure of the impulse buy that leaves me needing that 1800s Indonesian ottoman. Is it really antique? Don’t know. Don’t care really. I just imagine a Dutch explorer sitting on it in some ungodly hot tropical place, exporting local culture while importing Christianity and smallpox, and think how perfectly it would look beside all the little books in my studio.

So yes, with antiques on my mind, I present the U Street antique store roundup. As I mentioned in my Ruff and Ready post, U Street is a vintage furniture haven where you can purchase affordable things that are not Mary Todd Lincoln colonial style or Louis XIV imperial style or a zillion dollars. The stores are also within walking distance of one another. There are 3 main stores (photos after the jump!):

1. Miss Pixies:

Miss Pixies is one of the most eclectic in terms of inventory. In the front room, painted a vivid pink, you have everything from a 1930s dental cabinet, to a 1960s sea foam garden furniture set, to bear sculptures that look like pine cones, to Tibetan painted tables. In the back you have large wood furniture, like beautiful wood barn tables that would be perfect in an exposed brick townhouse. Adore.

2. GoodWood:

GoodWood shows that, well, good taste is good taste. It is my favorite in terms of editing. Antique mirrors, wood tables, lamps, a very classic but flexible style. You could see their things could be in a conservative Virginia estate or an eclectic California beach home, which is quite remarkable really. I mean, the place has been open since 1993, so they must be doing something right.

3. Millenium Decorative Arts:

Millenium is the smallest space of the three. It is also mostly a mid-century shop, meaning neat 1940s-1970s wares from mostly Europe and the US. Some is a bit euro-styling, while other pieces are American vintage modern. There is even some Walt Disney kitsch pieces (a la Epcott Center) thrown about. But hey, the store proudly owns the kitsch like they own their prizes, and you have to love that. Besides, it’s been around since 1993 too.

Ah. so there is your little vintage round up. No these stores aren’t new to DC, so for those from the area that think, god, I know all this SPY, I will throw you a bone. My next post today will be about something NEW in the neighborhood. I just couldn’t post about DC things without mentioning these faves. For those that didn’t know about these places, you’re welcome. They are wonderful.

I will spy map eventually but for now:

2 thoughts on “A lovely 14th Street vintage furniture roundup

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  2. Goodwood and Apartmenttherapy have always had amazing pieces.. There are also a lot of places that use vintage or recycled wood to make industrial / vintage style furniture. It’s newly built but still carries the same kind of appeal as some of the older pieces with a touch of modernity.

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