Inevitable Blog Fail:

No no, it isn’t what you think it is, which is sort of why this blog is going to fail.

Started by a curmudgeonly Georgetown resident, is a website dedicated to illustrating the reckless and destructive binge drinking behavior that occurs in the Georgetown University neighborhood, a feat it hopes to accomplish via newspaper excerpts, conversation transcripts, photos of wasted-face students in kiddy pools and rambling diatribes about Georgetown administrators.

Okay sure, I will concede that binge drinking is a problem on campus. But holy christ will this website backfire. Why? Three reasons:

  1. The writer’s points make no sense. His main point is something about how it’s poor campus housing options that are driving students to drink, so it’s Georgetown’s responsibility to find us better options. He then continues by saying this: “Yesterday, I saw a lot of posts about the great education students get at Georgetown…hmmmm? Is that a fact? Not one of those morons looked at the structure of the roof they were all sitting on” Wait what?? First off, somehow I think through the mold, holes, insects and rats, we figured out our houses were shitty. Maybe not awful enough that three students sitting on our roof will cause it to COLLAPSE, but yes, shitty. And secondly, is he for us or against us anyways?
  2. You know every drunk kid alive at Georgetown will immediately start going out of his or her way to get on that website, thereby perpetuating the problem.
  3. For those of us that graduated, this mostly serves as one of the best trips down memory lane EVER. The opposite of his intention.

I mean, he talks about SNAP. Ha, remember SNAP??? It was like Department of Public Safety (ah, DPS) but worse? God. Then he goes through describing drinking games where students “count to 14″ shows pictures of wasted people, says things like this: “It makes you wonder when a young woman screams “woof, woof, woof…quack, quack ….” on a nice Saturday afternoon.”

Ha. I loved Georgetown. I did. And all this does is remind me of its endearing ridiculousness. So yes, crotchety neighbor, binge drinking is a problem. But your website will not solve it. This is just another polarizing, rambling rant in a residents v. school battle that has gone on for years. Masking it in this populist sentiment ‘for the students’ isn’t going to help. If you want a constructive dialogue, say constructive things. If you write on behalf of the high road, take it. But the last thing people are going to take seriously is another grumpy old man.

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