Is there ever such a thing as too many chocolate shops?

Biagio Chocolates

Of course not. It was a rhetorical question. And thankfully, although my neighborhood lacks many things (a bus that stops in front of my house, in n’ out burger, a French bakery), the one thing we DO have in spades is chocolate shops. We have four of them. FOUR. They form sort of a chocolate shop loop, such that you can hit them all (if you wish) in a single afternoon. Delicious. They are:

  • ACKC (14th and Q). Our home grown chocolatier. ACKC, or Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections, is based in Old Town Alexandria. It originated (per their website) out of a love for “chocolate, fine art and hollywood divas.”  In addition to their locally made chocolates, they offer a signature hot cocoa bar with 14 different types of hot chocolate combinations simply called “the divas.” For example, the “Charo” is ”semi-sweet chocolate swirled with rich creamy caramel and topped with whipped cream and Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce,” while others have creme de menthe and blueberry essence among their ingredients.
  • Biagio (18th and T). The world’s chocolate shop. This unassuming little chocolate shop across from the monstrosity that is Lauriol Plaza has received rave reviews from yelp. Known for it’s truly international and rare chocolate selection (apparently they were the first to bring some brands to the District), this place is fancy. They will give you wine pairing suggestions and list their “offerings” here. and yes, they also stock chocolate from across the US.
  • Locolat (Florida and 18th, near Ritas). The Belgian chocolatier and then some. This is a chocolate cafe with savory snacks, where you can get a DELICIOUS hot cocoa (I loved it but please use whole milk, you are already getting gourmet hot chocolate so don’t ruin it with skim), a Leffe Blonde beer and a ham and cheese croissant.  It was opened by Niel Piferoen, a former pastry chef at Citronelle and Restaurant Eve and it’s chocolates are hand-dipped at the store. They even have nice outside seating.
  • Schakolad Chocolate Factory (19th and L). The unconventional franchise. This place makes everything out of chocolate. Chocolate telephones, ferraris, manicure kits, bizarre gifts for various professions, etc. I bought a chocolate computer once. They also have SPECIALS. Like last summer they served $1 gelatos, and this month (April) if you buy 4 chocolate strawberries you get 2 free. The specials are posted here. GO. I had a friend who went there literally every day last summer because they had different daily specials. Yes, EVERY day.

 Some pictures


Since captions mess up the formatting, the first is a Brussels dessert waffle from Locolat, the second a Diva hot cocoa from ACKC, the third is a chocolate champagne bottle, glass and chocolate cherries from Schakolad and the third is the chocolate selection from Biagio. They are all walkable from one another, maybe dupont metro to Schakolad to Biagio to Locolat and then over to 14th if you feel very adventurous. And since they are all different in their own way, you should pay each a visit. Immediately!

2 thoughts on “Is there ever such a thing as too many chocolate shops?

  1. Love, love, love Schakolad – and yes, I did go there EVERY day last summer. Wonderful man who runs the store. I highly recommend the dark chocolate-covered ginger and really everything else.

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