Goodbye Ed Hardy, hello Waffle House?

Ok first let me say that after being on Wisconsin for some amount of time I do not know because I didn’t know it was there to begin with, the Ed Hardy Georgetown store has closed. I know. Try to hold back the tears.  Because now if you want any chance of seeing Jon Gosselin or Snooki or pick up that bedazzled asian tiger trucker hat/belt/shirt/purse you’ve always wanted, you will have to go all the way out to Nordstrom at Pentagon City. The horror. At least I think they sell Ed Hardy. Do they? Who does sell Ed Hardy besides Ed Hardy? I don’t know. So yeah, long story short, no more of this for Gtown:

God, those people are not smart. But, you know what IS smart (so good at transitions)? WAFFLE HOUSE!!

Yes, the chain that has been uniting North and South for ages might be coming to DC. And how? Through ex-Redskins defensive back Fred Smoot.

Who?? Didn’t know either. I researched and apparently Mr. Smoot maaaaay not have been the best defensive back ever, and he maaaay have gotten in trouble for throwing sex parties, and he maaaay have released an energy bar called SMACK (all caps) but whatev, the man knows a market when he sees one. The product? Waffles. The place? 14th and U Street. I know I’m in, are you?

Thanks DCist for the tip

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Ed Hardy, hello Waffle House?

  1. I thought U Street has reached max capacity on restaurants and bars (ref earlier post?). And for what, a Waffle House? This is terrible, terrible Redskin’s Hog trash at its absolute worst. There is nothing good about Waffle House, its cheap food, or the clientele it will attract. Mention to IronCitySpy that Waffle House is not in his girlish figure’s best interest so he should spare me from his unwarranted excitement.

  2. If you want good waffles try Meze. They are so delicious and for only $8; Tryst also has very tasty waffles (chocolate chip and strawberry/banana) at quite an inexpensive rate. On that note, Waffle House’s menu and food look like this:

    DC Spy, I am curious as to how much price inflation will go into the Waffle House menu at a DC location. Any ideas or business intelligence to report on the matter?

  3. First off, Waffle House’s menu looks like America. Secondly, the price question is a good one. The gentrification surcharge (or hipster tax) is an elusive figure, I will have to investigate. But I am not paying $8 for my effing waffle.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t like Waffle House, doesn’t like America. Regardless of whether or not he/she “served” his/her country by taking an expenses paid vacation to Afghanistan.

  5. Quite the letdown from a dual-citizen of the Crown. Your second sentence is a fragment pal. Learn English before ridiculing those who have served in combat zones under the auspicies of the US military. America is fond of removing elements it would rather be without, note the basis for “gentrification surcharge” comment. Similarly, Waffle House happens to be an unsatisfactory element (in this case an establishment) that I would rather not see in my neighborhood.

  6. Maybe if DC’sFullCourtPress wasn’t such an Obama-elitist, he’d be the lovable underdog like IronCityspy.

  7. There is nothing about you that is (a) lovable or (b) underdog. Despite your delusions, you are not the American dream.

  8. (1) Have you seen an “unconvincing” copy? (2) If not, “convinving” is quite a useless adjective; (3) We don’t live in Arizona so your probing is quite offensive given the current social climate.

    Unfortunately, our banter has easily turned into the most uninteresting aspect of this glorious blog which only solidifies why you are not the “lovable underdog” you self-described yourself as. I’ll take the high road for the sake of this site and quit here.

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