Food truck update: Lobster roll truck coming to the District

Now, this is actually outdated because the lobster roll tip was given as a comment to the Sauca truck post I did last week. However, with work and rain and last minute news DCspy will be heading to China on Friday, I was distracted. (OH for the five that are worried about my postings, don’t worry, they will continue with the help of IronCitySpy, albeit at bizarro East Asia times)

Anyways, back to the news of the hour. DC will be getting a lobster roll food truck. You know, a food truck of this:

Maine-style lobster rolls via yelp!

No words. So delicious. Anyways, the company, Red Hook Lobster Pound, gets their lobster from Maine, operates out of Brooklyn and now will be opening a truck in DC. Per their website:

“It’s true! We are opening in Washington DC and in a truck! I figure we have at least 2 and maybe 6 years of misplaced Ivy League New Englanders aching for a lobster roll”

Ha. Now I am not from New England but GOOD GOD would I appreciate that roll. They serve 2 different types of lobster rolls (Connecticut and Maine style) and have received phenomenal reviews on yelp.

Their first appearance will be on April 30-May 2 at the Azalea Garden Festival in Bethesda. I will sadly be abroad, but someone needs to SPY it out. I mean, who the eff cares if you like flowers? Festival details here. Get excited!!!! Thanks to “lobster rolls!” for the tip (Oh, and they are even setting up truck shop in DC before NYC. We get something first!!!)

4 thoughts on “Food truck update: Lobster roll truck coming to the District

  1. Agreed that crab is better that lobster on its own. Lobster is too much for me sometimes. That being said, a lobster ROLL is delicious. So is a crab roll. I would take either. Jesus. so hungry.

  2. discussed with IronCitySpy earlier…he made a convincing argument for the lobster roll; then I remembered he was from Pitt and probably knew nothing of seafood. I will try a lobster roll…as long as I can put old bay on it.

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