Boobquake DC 2010 (Updated)

This is just a quick little note (because I convinced myself it was going to rain and planned nothing today) that tomorrow, April 26th is Boobquake.

Boobquake is an internet PHENOMENON. In what started as a little joke by a Purdue University blogger, it is basically a response to Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi, an Iranian cleric, who stated that scandalously dressed women cause earthquakes during a prayer service last Monday. Yes, you read that right. EARTHQUAKES. Jesus. Or I guess, Mohammed. Can I say that? Whatever. Anyways, in Pat Robertson-ian fashion, Sadeghi contends that women, by dressing provocatively, lead men astray, which causes sin and thereby causes earthquakes. Of course we do.

Jen McCreight via CNN

So, Jen McCreight from Purdue felt that the hypothesis deserved a solid test. Why don’t all the women of the world dress slutty on one single day and see if our combined sluttiness can literally move mountains?? Why not indeed. “Boobquake” was born. It has over 50,000 guests on Facebook.

So if you don’t have a job or don’t mind looking like a skank at the office, dress down tomorrow and join the cause. I may even surfboard it up. I mean, it’s all for science! OH and to feminists that think this exercise is degrading to women, look. It is a publicity stunt to test a hypothesis that, unfortunately, does not believe sexy men can lead women astray (since everything is the woman’s fault always) or that gays even exist (in Iran at least).

(Though that does pose some questions. I mean, does sodomy affect the Richter scale? Or does each sin get it’s own natural disaster? Like boobs = earthquakes, gays = hurricanes? Another test may be in order, gay community I’m looking at you….)


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