Earth Day and other events in the District

Now I know I normally do not comment on events. It’s because I am NEVER aware of anything in time for people to actually plan for things. However, since it’s Earth Day on Thursday (go planet!) and the DC international film festival and I am sort of “between” jobs (cough), I figured I would help you plan your week. You know, list 4 things to check out and 4 things to miss….

First the things to check out:

  1. Filmfest: The DC International Film Festival (All week). Okay I know you are thinking subtitles, means serious, means effort… means Hot Tub Time Machine instead? BUT give it a chance. Great films and only once a year. Tonight’s showing has Tilda SWINTON in it. Love.
  2. Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato Opening (Sunday): It’s free gelato and bbq. COME ON. In Dupont. April 25th 12pm-6pm.
  3. Erf Day happy hours. They are EVERYWHERE. Greendrinks events at Urbana AND Local 16 (Thursday), Socialize Better for green New Orleans at Stoney’s, (Thursday), Extended Green hour at Busboys and Poets, 5pm-midnight (Thursday) among others.
  4. Georgetown Open Air French Market (Friday, Saturday): French food and French wares without French people. Magnifique! 10am-5pm

Things to avoid:

  1. Maryland Day (Saturday).  One word: CHILDREN. Love UMD but not puppet shows, bean bag throws and farm animals. Nightmare.
  2. Climate Rally (Sunday). This is the big climate thing on the Mall. Sting, James Cameron, John Legend and other random speakers like “Olympic gold medalist, Billy Demong.” Wtf? I love the environment but I am not worried about lack of a turnout for this one.
  3. Yup’ik Eskimo Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History (all week and beyond). The exhibit opens this week. It’s Eskimo tools and crafts. Sorry, crafts are boring. Reminds me of every field trip I went to in elementary school EVER.
  4. The National Zoo’s earth day event (Saturday). Okay, so in honor of Earth Day, the zoo decided to have volunteers pick up trash around the zoo to “see parts of the zoo that haven’t been seen.” Now I heart clean up efforts, I do, but the zoo doesn’t really make sense. I mean a random stretch of beach or a highway, yes. But the zoo is an enclosed  space with employees who are PAID to pick up trash. And do you really want to see those “other” parts of the zoo? Yikes.

In SPY world the zoo would do a fundraiser, like evening at the zoo with snacks and guided tours at 6 or 7pm. You could see the one year old clouded leopards or the baby kiwi that was just born or something. Many animals are most active at dawn and dusk anyways. God. I should run the zoo.

The baby kiwi, which looks exactly the same as an adult kiwi

Okay. So that’s it. Nothing about music, because I don’t know any of the bands or DJs. But you can check Washington Post or something for bands around. Get out this week people!

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