Tea Partiers vs. 1940′s Donald Duck and other district news


Ok, fine. So this video isn’t really news, it’s a 1943 U.S. propaganda cartoon starring Donald Duck. And I didn’t even find it, I stole it from Wonkette. Whatever. It’s AMAZING and basically shows Donald’s tax dollars taking down swastika’d battleships with the slogan, “spend for the Axis or save for taxes.” Yes, paying taxes ensures democracy in Donald’s world, a stance which happens to be the diametric opposite of a certain tea-partying tax-protesting group I know, begging the question: who do you believe, a 1940s cartoon duck or…THIS?

In other news, it still sucks to live in Iceland. In 2008 the economy implodes, then they lost their fast food, and now the Eyjafjallajokull glacier (i.e. the glacier named by someone falling asleep on the keyboard) erupts and messes up travel worldwide. Oh Iceland, you need to prove that you are more than just a pretty face. A beautiful, isolated, gene pool of a face. Other news:

Metro expects delays of 40 minutes this weekend because of track work. Of course it does (DCist)

Wonkette takes on the Cereal Bowl in Cleveland Park because who doesn’t loves $5 mix n’ match cereal restaurants?(Wonkette)

9 year old Jack Bauer hacks into Blackboard elementary school computer system (Washington Post)

Crabs are back! No not those crabs, Maryland blue crabs. Get your mind out of the gutter (Baltimore Sun)

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