Pho Phix DELIVERED (Updated!)

GOD. I love pho. So much. For those not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, it’s a noodle soup that looks like THIS:

Which then only becomes truly delicious when you add THIS:

Yes, it’s hot sauce and yes I need my pho to be spicy. Personally, I can take or leave the plum sauce, but that’s just me. NOW I have no concept of Vietnamese culture or customs but what I DO know is that Pho must be prepared on the spot (save the broth itself). This is because the meat and the noodles and the veggies actually cook in the broth, reaching that perfect consistency while you eat. However, this also often precludes it from delivery, meaning I have to walk for pho. LAME.

That is UNTIL…

Pho 14 in Columbia Heights began offering delivery in November 2009. AMAZING. Now I know this is old news, but I figured I would spread the word anyways. They are the only place in NW that does. The ONLY. Pho 14 won best Vietnamese in Best of DC and it’s good. To solve the on-the-spot problem, they basically deliver the broth alone, then give you all the noodles, meat, sauces and veggies on the side for you to add. Honestly, its like Vietnamese comfort food, and on a rainy day (ahem, look out the window), its perfect. Order from them.

OH. And if you want some socializing with your pho but don’t want to travel outside the district where most of the immigrants actually live, I would go to Saigon Bistro, here (they have umbrellas outside in the summer):

Pho+Beer + (Crepes a Go Go nutella & banana crepe for dessert across the street) = perfection. As a sidenote, I think crepes a go go is one of the best creperies around. But THAT is for another post.

(UPDATE 1: so some guy on the Saigon Bistro google reviews claimed the he could taste the MSG in the pho or something. Yeah. Does anyone know what MSG actually tastes like? I always equated it with terrible for you but DELICIOUS foods and Saigon Bistro pho IS delicious.  So maybe it’s there. Whatev. From a non-Vietnamese expert their pho is good, as is their beef vermicelli.  Just saying)

(UPDATE 2: AND randomly, there is a free promotion at Crepes a Go Go today! 50% off here. God must read i spy, it’s the only plausible explanation)

Pho 14, 1436 Park Rd NW, DC, (202) 986-2326,

Saigon Bistro, 2153 P St NW, DC 20037, (202) 223-6188,

3 thoughts on “Pho Phix DELIVERED (Updated!)

  1. 2 things.

    1 – I also really enjoy Nam Viet in Cleveland Park.
    2 – MSG is not actually bad for you, that’s a huge urban legend. Also, it is a naturally occurring substance, NOT chemically created, and Chinese people (and others) have been eating it for millenia. However it is quite addictive and can cause a dependency which leads to withdrawal headaches. But that is only if you, for example, live in China for a year and subsist on fried noodles. Not saying that I’ve done that, or anything… and yes it does taste delicious!!

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