Street Snap: Did your finance job come with those suspenders?

So yesterday, I was having lunch at Nooshi with a friend and sat at a table next to this guy:

Yes, he is everything that you think he is. And yes, I took a picture on my iphone (spy-phone? I kind of want to go there) discreetly. So what? Look at this guy. I HAD to. The suspenders, the aviators. The suspenders were patterned, either with the wall street bull or the Merrill Lynch bull, I couldn’t quite tell, but either pattern screams FINANCE. He was from NYC (of course) and when asked about what his favorite sushi places in NYC were, he said “all of them, it’s New York” which seems to always be the response even though there are plenty of bad sushi places in the city. Then in a stroke of amazingness, after talking “shop,” he ended the conversation by saying “okay, I have to go man, I have to talk to my parents about my taxes.”

Ha. Yeah. Don’t think Gordon Gekko called his parents about taxes. Lose the suspenders kid. Happy Thursday reader(s). Will post again from my sweatbox later today.

3 thoughts on “Street Snap: Did your finance job come with those suspenders?

  1. We are actually in the testing stage here in NY of creating the hyper-douche bag financier. This one escaped the lab prematurely.

  2. I wish I could say that guys like this are unusual in the city, but they’re a dime a dozen. The best comment I have ever heard: “Why is that guy wearing his collar popped? I’ll bed he doesn’t even know how to sail.”

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