First Family gets photobombed by the Easter Bunny and the Egg Roll Recap

So I was disappointed in the Easter Egg Roll this year. For those that don’t know, the Easter Egg roll is this event for children hosted by the first family at the White House. Tickets are auctioned, celebs come, people perform, there is an easter egg rolling race race and other games. Tons of candy, basically the best Easter EVER for a kid.

But this year…kind of MEH. First off, it was sponsored by an anti-obesity campaign, which is AWESOME for America but terrible for the kid who had to actually eat at the healthy eating station. And secondly, the celebs sucked.  I mean Reese Witherspoon (boring),  Glee kids (boring), Justin Beiber (drop KICK), JK Rowling (reading is boring). Where was Cracky McLohan? Brangelina and the soccer team? Jen Aniston in a pastel minidress stalking them in the shadows? Instead we got this:

Yes. The Obamas. Again. According to sources they were the big celebrities. So boring compared to Cracky. HOWEVER. Creepy Easter Bunny in the background photobombing the first family during the national anthem is pretty priceless. As if you could seriously honor America with that THING in the background (we know my stance on such things). Though, it was a step up from last year where they literally picked the stupidest looking Easter Bunny possible:

Jesus. Where did they find that thing? OH. And for those that don’t know what “photobombing” is, it’s basically when you take a nice, and otherwise perfect photo, to have it ruined by someone (or thing) who gets into the shot. They are normally looking at the camera, sometimes on purpose. The most awesome (and famous) is this:

It’s a moustached and wasted Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) expertly photobombing Taylor Swift. So creepy, so PERFECT. The fail blog folks have a photobomb website for those (all) of you that have too much time on your hands. As expected, the people entries SUCK (people, bunny ears isn’t a photobomb), but the animal ones if you scroll down are wonderful. See it here. May post later if I don’t get lazy.

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